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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by dhanners, Dec 12, 2004.

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    Well, gang, I finally got around to taking some pictures of some of my recent builds. I have yet to take photos of three other Delta rockets, but I thought I'd at least get these into my album:

    Mercury-Redstone and Mercury-Atlas
    1/96th scale

    These two rockets were built (with some modification) from models that are available free online. The Mercury-Redstone was built from Delta 7 Studios' fine kit, and it was built basically stock except with a few changes. The fins were given the proper cross-section, and the launch escape tower and motor were scratchbuilt. The Mercury-Atlas was built from the kit available online from Precision Space Paper Models and it, too, was built with a few modifications. The booster was printed on silver paper, and a model rocket body tube was used to give the model strength. The kit's Mercury capsule was replaced with the one from the Delta 7 Studios' MR. The launch escape tower and motor were scratchbuilt.
    Gemini-Titan II
    1/96th scale
    This is the Gemini-Titan II model found on Delta 7 Studios' fine "Project Gemini" CD. The model was built stock, but with some modification. The changes include using a model rocket body tube to give the model rigidity, adding detail to the Gemin capsule and adapters, and scratchbuilding the first-stage thrust structure entirely from card. The kit parts model the lattice-work of the thrust structure as a solid piece, and I wanted to scratch-build one that gives the crowded look and feel of the real rocket's business end.

    Delta II 7920-8, No. 247
    1/96th scale

    This is the Delta II rocket used to launch the Advanced Composition Explorer satellite. It is available online and was designed by Erik teGroen (I hope I spelled that right), a gifted designer whose rockets are a breeze to build. The model was built stock, except I used a model rocket body tube to add strength to the body, and I added scratch-built detail parts to the body and solid rocket motors.
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    Nice models! Any chance of a close-up pic of the escape tower? I just downloaded the Merc Redstone myself.
  3. dhanners

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    Thanks for the kind words. I'll see if I can get some close-ups of the escape tower, but it might be a few days.

    Just finished the Card in Space Mercury-Redstone 7, by the way. It's a really well-designed model. I hope to get some pics of it up soon, too.

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