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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by hooknlad, Oct 8, 2006.

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    Hello gang, I must admit that i have an addiction, an addiction to tools. This weekend at my local National Guard Armory, about four tractor trailers of tools and such arrived in Woodbridge NJ to sell their wares."Homier - America's premier mobile merchant" pulled in with tons of tools , hardware and household goods. Their price are phenomenal, but buyer beware, the quality of the merchandise is highly substandard. If you are using these tools as "Joe home owner, the prices cannot be beat. IF you are using these tools to earn a living, you will break them within a week. One deal that they offered was, if you purchased an 18 volt charger with a battery, they would throw in am 18 volt search lite, sander, drill and jigsaw. the battery with charger cost $19.99... AS far as the name brand products went, the sold reconditioned/refurbished DEWALT tools at a extremely reasonable price ie... 1/2 dewalt drill $99.99...
    I spent about $250 on some different items such as a 330 piece drill bit set $30 - i know that I will only use them for my layout etc, they will break otherwise. I picked up 3 hooded fleece sweatshirts for $10.. I took them home, washed them, they survived, wore them all day, rewashed and went back for 3 more... For working around the house they are great. I got a mini pancake compressor for $25, a lil noisy, but works well. Dremel accessories 206 PC carving accessories $3.99, dewalt safety glasses $3, etc...
    What i like about this place is they have a lot of oddball tools you wont find in sears ie... 11 pistol grip needle nose pliers, a ratchet socket drive that has a a 1/4 inch drive on one side and on the opposite side is a 3/8 inch drive.. $4 .. They have very inexpensive laser levels, sure the accuracy isn't perfect, but for the hobbyist it works fine..

    If anyone is interested in this mobile merchant, here is their website, and yes they are on the web and they will email you weekly where they will be located. They also do mail order..

    Hope I could save you guys a few $$$ - like I said not professional stuff, but reasonable homeowner quality..
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    They come through here in the midwest about once a year. I have also picked up a few "treasures" for the shop. As you mentioned, the quality may not be the highest but the prices are right. Plan on taking some time to look around. I could never find a ryhme or reason as to how they are organized.

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    When we lived in Wickenburg, they'd come through there once or twice a year. If you can use something they have, you can be sure you'll get it for the best price. You're right, it's not top quality stuff and I wouldn't use it if I needed it for what I did for a living, but I've got some power and other hand tools from them that are more than adiquate for my needs. They have a web site and won't list what their schedule is, but they will notify you by email when they are coming to a certain area.
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    I went back

    Don and all,
    I had to go back and get more dremel stuff, a set of sponge brushes, paint brushes, et , etc etc,,, Stuff that I coyld live without, but thi splace is like an addiction.. Needless to say I went through yet another $50..
    BTW - Don how are you feeling these days? Im glad to see you back on here and wish you and yours only the best in health and well wishes.

    announce1 Im glad today was the last day for the sale.. They have already sent me another email stating that they will be in Toms River next weekend - anbout 50 miles away, still within my reach -- lolsign1
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    where I live we have a very similar company, cummings, that does the same thing. Most of the tools sold by these companies, and harbor freight for example, are made by the same people, chicago electric is a big one. The products work for light duty but not well. I bought a set of fosner bits and I threw them out the next week. The refurbished stuff(if they have them) are usually worth it.
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    The Homier people have been through town twice in the last couple years. Bought a pancake compressor the first year (yes its very noisy) broke within 30 days. Somehow found my reciept and they actually sent me a new one no questions asked next day air! I was impressed considering the compressor was only $20. I have also bought 50 screwdrivers for $10 and some other stuff. I would say stick to the handtools or the refurbish stuff. And limit yourself to only going once or you will spend all of your money sign1
  7. ezdays

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    You have to be selective. I bought a shop vacuum, the kind that hooks up to a 4" hose and has those big canvas bags to catch the chips. It's been doing its job these past six years. Oh yeah, I did have to replace the on/off switch. :rolleyes: I bought a set of clamps that included those squeeze-trigger type ratchet clamps ranging from 6" to 36". I was so impressed, I went back and bought a second set. They were about $20 a set and there was at least 20 clamps in each one. The larger ones are in my woodworking shop, the smaller ones in my model workbench.

    I'd drive the 35 miles to go to Wickenburg when I know they'll be there. It's surprising that even in a small town of about 5000 people, they draw a really big crowd.

    Oh, thanks Michael, I'm doing OK. Still taking it a bit easy right now but doing much better than a few weeks ago thank you.:thumb: :thumb:

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