some hobbies dont mix

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    some hobbies dont make good bed fellows for instance cardmodeling and fish keeping i found this out the hard way when...
    i walk into my room at 3am to find water up to my ankles and a 60gallon fish tank split in the middle and laminate flooring is very good at holding water, in a frantic effort to rescue fish a portion of my cardmodel collection was overlooked ....under the bed......under the water
    after running the wet dry vac for near on two hours to suck up my indoor lake i could assess the damage the 60g tank had failed because a bracer bar had been removed and then replaced before i bought it second hand this had come unstuck and and allowed the front panel to bow and break.
    anyway in the process of cleaning up i found the damaged/wreaked kits the printing holds up to moisture well but most were gonners even when dried out under weght they still look like a relief map of scotland i lost about 5 kits all a3 sizes(didnt fit in the drawer with the rest) thankfully? the most expensive survived with minor damage to the cover(modeliks t-35)

    its been one of those weeks:curse:

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  2. Texman

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    And the only reason I keep fish is to go with my chips...

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    wow.. rough.. lol
  4. Romanator

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    Your fish were curious to see what it was you were building. :rolleyes:

    I really hope everything works out, and that no great damage was caused by the ordeal. It can be really hard to deal with flooding, especially when it destroys your stuff. (I sort of understand where you are coming from: once my toilet overflowed and wouldn't stop and it filled the bathroom. It took hours to clean :mrgreen:)

    Next time, have a really big sponge handy. :p

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    a few major casualties a few walking wounded
    i lost modeliks asu-122,fw condor,mk iv male and gpms r-17 drasine all unbuildable now and to damaged/warped to even scanned

    modeliks t-28,a7v got away with minor damage(t-28 damaged cover,a7v damaged cover/frame parts which i was going to replaced with lasercut anyway) and both dried out perfectly well

    the tank was the most costly in fact to costly to be replaced i had to downgrade to a smaller one i was planning to sell on ebay

    s**t with it and move on:rolleyes:

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