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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by dhanners, Jul 2, 2004.

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    I've posted some Before-and-After photos in my Album that was inspired by reading some stuff here. I was reading the thread about rolling small tubes and I got to thinking.... I've long been wanting to replace the out-of-scale latticework on the Launch Escape System (LES) tower on my 1/96th-scale Saturn 1B, modeled as SA-205, the launch vehicle for the Apollo 7 mission. The tower on the real rocket is made out of 3.5-inch titanium, and replicating that in paper in 1/96th scale is hard, even if you use cigarette paper.

    So I wound up taking some poster-board stock (in white) and cutting it into strips just a hair under 1 mm wide; from the end, the strips look squarish. I ran them through some fine-grade sandpaper to slightly round the edges, then coated them with Elmer's.

    Then, I taped a penny into one end and taped the other end to the overhang on my work desk and let it hang. The weight of the penny was just enough to pull the strip taught. Once it had dried, I had long strips of nearly-round rod. From there, it was just a matter of cutting things to size.

    The original tower that comes with the model is a one-piece affair that you cut out and fold, but it is too square. In my first shot at it, I tried to improve upon it by making it out of separate rolled tubes, but I just couldn't get them small enough, as you can see in the "BEFORE" photo. The "AFTER" photo is the new tower built using the method I described above.

    The new tower has 33 separate pieces in the latticework. (And I won't even get into the LES rocket itself....)

    Sorry for the so-so quality of the photos, and there is still some clean-up work to do on the model. But I thought I'd say "thanks" to you guys for the inspiration (not to mention tips and techniques and trade secrets) that you provide.
    David Hanners
    Minneapolis, MN
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    That's a good trick makes a great differnce to your capsule. Thank you

  3. Ajax

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    Well done, Dave!

    The new LES tower looks fantastic. The difference between the before and after pictures is night and day! 8)

  4. Gil

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    One additional item...., the square strips coated with glue and pulled through a hole slightly smaller than the strip will do the job of the sandpaper and resulting in a near circular cross section (drill guide will do). Weight and let dry as before.

    Best regards, Gil

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