Some Craaaaazy HOn3 kitbashing, aka. DDm45 Frustrations

Discussion in 'Scratchin' & Bashin'' started by renesis, Mar 25, 2005.

  1. pedrop

    pedrop New Member

    (I do not have the draeing of big bolster yet):D
    I do not have the drawings of big bolster yet.:)
  2. lv4142003

    lv4142003 Member

    Pedro, don't forget to cast them so you can get more than one at a time. I might be interested in a set, lower your cost. lv4142003
  3. pedrop

    pedrop New Member


    Yes, I´m doing the prime casts in aluminun.;)
  4. renesis

    renesis New Member

    Well, I had life decide to smack me upside the head for a while here (IE: classes, both the regular and summer semester being very tough) but I'm back to the DDM45.

    So far, progress has been interesting. I shortened the DD40 frame to match the prototype, now I'm working on the trucks being regauged. The old metal trucks are good for this but it requires some interesting work grinding the wheels, as they are 2-peice wheels and narrowing them means they will create a short unless I grind down the axles so each side does not touch. I should have one truck completed this week and will move to the next truck soon.

    Now to get some pictures...

    Pedro, as for your BB trucks, I'll be very happy to buy a ton of those from you :) I've got a tunnel motor shell that needs to be a BB40T-2 quite badly!

    As a side note for knowledgable kitbashers on the forum, where can I get a really nice SD45 shell that has an accurate cab? Or some information on techniques to chop up several shells?

    Thanks all, and I'll get some pics of that frame asap :)
  5. lv4142003

    lv4142003 Member

    I think I've read that the Life Like SD45 shell is the most accurate. I think it can be ordered seperately, but L-L was just bought out by Walthers, so you may have to write them to get one. Am really interested in how you narrowed the trucks and shortened the frame. Let's see those photos. lv4142003
  6. renesis

    renesis New Member

    I'm taking tomorrow off, so hopefully I'll get the chance to post my photos of the modifications to the DD45 chassis. Also, I'll send you those trucks asap, Pedro...sorry about the wait :oops: ;)

    I'm going to have an interesting time tring to find out if the finished chassis will fit through standard HOn3 switches. The shortened frame and 4 rigid axles might have some trouble... :(
  7. pedrop

    pedrop New Member

    Hi renesis,

    don´t worry. I understand the problens you have with school and other activities. I also do not finish your FCA video because I´m waiting to get more BB40-2 scenes.:p
    I´m doing progress with those BB trucks too and soon I can have the the cast ready.:p
  8. pedrop

    pedrop New Member

    Dual gauge tracks

    As our fellow said here, Life-like shell is good. I preffer Athearn shell because it has low cost and is not so bad too. In fact, I have a Athearn SD45 and I intend to rebuilt it to a DDM45 soon. :)
    Renesis, have you heard about dual gauge tracks in HO and HOn3 built by a company called Micro Engieering? A friend of mine bought some in US and I really liked them. They will allow me to model the companies that run near my town, because here we have dual gauge.;)
  9. Russ Bellinis

    Russ Bellinis Active Member

    Probably the best EMD cabs on the market are offered by Cannon.
  10. lv4142003

    lv4142003 Member

    Has anyone made any progress on modeling the new BB EMD's or the BB GE's? Also, do you guys in South America have a decal source for EF Carajas, Vitoria Minas, and FerroNorte locomotive decals? Thanks, lv4142003.
  11. pedrop

    pedrop New Member

    Hi Iv4142003,
    I´m working with a Athearn SD40-2 right now,. I intend to rebuilt it to FCA 4803, a BB40-2. I´m fininshing the project of BB+BB trucks. As soon as possible I will post pics of it here.:p
    My friend Carlos Alberto do great decals on brazilian railways. Contact him at
    If you want something more, keep in touch.

  12. MELC636

    MELC636 New Member

    Hello guys,

    I'm new to this forum. Wanted to say hello. Man, this is about as hardcore as it gets! I thought modeling the Cartier Ry, in eastern Quebec would be tough. I just want to kitbash a C636! How's the DDM45s coming?? Looks like it's been awhile for these posts. I'd sure like to hear about the progress. Man, does Pedro have it good or what?? Looking at some of the photos of the prototype, it's hard to believe I've actually run some of the ex-Santa Fe, and DRGW, and CP units that are now BB..whatevers! That was some incredible work. I'll quit rambling. Would love to read about some progress, or talk off the forum.

  13. pedrop

    pedrop New Member

    DDM45 and BB36-7´s

    Hi Mel,

    Well, the DDM45 and BB36-7 modeling project are great. I just need a D-D truck to start with my DDM45 model in HO scale. The BB units like BB36-7, BB40T-2, BB40-2, BB40-8, BB40-9 and BB40-9W will come alive as soon as I can model those trucks. I did some casts in aluminium and resin and they are on test now. Soon I think I can have the prototype to produce them in scale.

    Have a nice day:wave:

  14. lv4142003

    lv4142003 Member

    Pedrop, how are the B+B truck side frames coming along? lv4142003
  15. pedrop

    pedrop New Member

    Hi v4142003,

    I stated to do the cast frames in aluminiun. They are good but I didn´t find a good plastic material to model the trucks using thje casts. I tried some resins but with no good results. I wondering how to solve this problen....:oops:
  16. lv4142003

    lv4142003 Member

    pedrop, was that Alumilite casting resin? I have a few friends who have done/ or presently do casting. I'll ask them about this. lv4142003
  17. shaygetz

    shaygetz Active Member

  18. lv4142003

    lv4142003 Member

    Pedrop, how do you plan to make the span bolster and power the trucks? <lv4142003>
  19. pedrop

    pedrop New Member

    Hi Iv4142003,

    The span bolster is not difficult to do, but to power the trucks will be a challenger. I and some friends here are studing the problem and testing some ways. The easiest way is power one B truck per assy (one in the front and one in the rear) using a gear box between the motor and the trucks.:)
  20. lv4142003

    lv4142003 Member

    PedroP, I'm attaching a photo taken at a Brasilian model show/contest. I don't know who the modeler was nor where the show was held, but this is from a Brasilian website. I also bo not know if this unit is powered, but it looks great. There was another photo but I will have to find it. Joe <lv4142003>

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