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  1. ken-jacobs

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    I need some advice regarding an O scale train set for my grandson's Christmas. I want to be able to grow the system and possibly have remote control. I know that it's important to make a good choice in manufacturer and equipment in the beginning, so any help would be appreciated. I want to have the initial investment under $500.
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    Hi Ken- Jacobs [​IMG] Well let me see if I can help a little. You mentioned remote control, So first I think you need a good starter set from MTH or Lionel & you would want to check into a set from MTH with an engine that has their protosounds ll system, or in Lionel it would be a set with TMCC, ( Trainmaster Command Control ) . These sets would come with an engine and cars & track & transformer. Now for iether, you would need to purchase the remote & another device seperately. I'm not real sure if you can stay under the 500 mark, but probably if you check the Hobby shop in your area first, then the blowouts at some of the big Discount mail order houses. You can run the starter sets without the reomote stuff to start with & add the remote stuff later. Also, welcome to the forum here, I'm pretty new here, too & others will be along to help you also. Thanks, John
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    I'm sure you'll get lots of great advice here. Fortunately most any starter set will let you grow--the question is the type of track that comes with it (Lionel trains will run on MTH track and vice-versa, but the newer Lionel track with plastic roadbed won't mate with the equivalent MTH track) so you'll have to buy the same kind of track that came with your set.

    The other question is the transformer that comes with it. The more watts the better is the general rule.

    But you can buy a starter set now, then add track, and you can even add the sound and the remote later (you can buy a sound-equipped tender or boxcar to add to the initial set). Building on was the whole idea in the first place, so you'll have that option.

    Have you taken a look at any specific sets yet? If you have links to any of the sets you've looked at, we can probably give some better-tailored advice.
  4. Roger B.

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    Welcome to the hobby.

    If you go with Lionel I believe they still have starter sets that can be upgraded to their Command Control (remote) at a later date. They have the basic sound and smoke (if steam, maybe even diesel) and when upgraded the full sound package is installed, or accessable.

    One thing to think about is though you may like steam, a child may not be able to identify with a steam engine so it is probably best to go with something he's familiar with, i.e. CSX diesel. Best bet is to visit a local dealer and get some hands on idea of what's out there.
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  6. Gil Finn

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    If you want command controll, skip the starter sets and go with an engine, a few cars, a TMCC system as it is simpler for a youngster. Frankly this hobby is not about kids any more, not at all. What kid buys a $1600 engine and $49 frieght cars?

    Or get a $250 starter set and K Line TMCC engine one Ebay for about $150 or more and theTMCC system for about $125

    Pick up some track to expand it with.

    Shop on line or by 1 800 numbers . Get a Classic Toy Trains Magizine and read the adds.

    I hate to steer you away from local shops but 70% of the time they dont know trains, they stock what feather merchants push on them. Mostly they dont have the accessories and special track pieces you need.

    Send of for some good videos on first layouts. You have time before Christmas.

    Email me and I will give you some good web sites to help you.

    Almost every strater set I have had ended up on the shelf in a few years after I spent the money the second time to get what I realy wanted.

    Trains are like the best you can afford the first time.

    Please over look my spelling, it is late and I am spent but you can make it out I am sure.

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