Soloman's Temple And Surrounding Courtyard

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  1. I think if any of you designers want a real challenge and one that would give you a lot of satisfaction why not try designing a replica of Soloman's Temple and couryard with walls. There are millions of people who could bebefit from the educational value of such a model. I am an ardant card modeler and while I usually stick to Real space Models, I would ver much like a model of this compound. I am a student of the bible and would be happy to promote such a model for wide distribution. While I recognize the comlexity of such a model one might want to charge a fee for this model. That would be fine.

    Any takers out there?
  2. Al hazlet

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    I know so little about the temple complex that I'd feel a right prat trying to replicate it, even if I had the modeling skills to do it ... and I'm not clear on how would a model provide educational benefit.
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    I love complete sets like that - I would go the whole way!

    Al, There is tons of educational opportunities from building card models.
  4. There are countless students of the Bible and the Temple had significant prophetic signicance in it's design. Everything had a prophetic meaning and spiritual significance. Being able to visualize it in 3-d would be inspirational as well as educational.
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    there is a small one of the temple at this

    use top bar “Jeugd” then pick “Kleurplaten”

    old or new Testament
    Pasen & Pinksteren or Kerst

    I have started it and had a a hard time with the base size will try and get a picture to post later..
  6. blaze99

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    Here are three pictures
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    Very interesting. Everything is so square and grid like that it looks modern. Did it actually have this sort of right angle geometry?
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    Chinese cities have been laid out in grid patterns (and surrounded by square walls) for at least 2,000 years as far as I know, probably a good deal longer. Did the Romans not also use grid patterns? I think it might be more of a sign of organized urban planning than of modernity.
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    There is, in fact, a commercial model available by Candle Books. It comes with a nice 16 page illustrated book on the history of the temple. The model is 1:150 and comes on 4-5 double pages in the middle of the book. The parts are press out so no knife is needed. Construction is by tab and slot. A nice model for the yun' uns or as a project for a Sunday School class. The roof lifts off so you can see the insides!

    I forgot to add, since there is this model, if any one is thinking of designing a temple model, more of the surrounding would be better, a la the Unseen University model.

    Lizzie, Art,
    Not only was the temple square, it was also built with all sorts of numerical dimensions, e.g. the inner santum is a square, 1/3 of the length building, etc. Looking at the inside of the model, it does look very art deco!:)
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