Solid Snake in a Box - Metal Gear Solid fans only!

Discussion in 'Gaming & Toys' started by Liquid Ocelot, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. Liquid Ocelot

    Liquid Ocelot New Member

  2. :) nice work, this one, although I'd prefer a model of Metal Gear itself!

  3. Nick Hayes

    Nick Hayes New Member

    Haha! I'm glad my work is getting around. I'm the original creator of this model. I also made a companion piece: the Genome soldier.

    I'll attach it here.

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  4. Nick Hayes

    Nick Hayes New Member

    Also, here is the Snake in a Box model in pdf form. It's a lot easier that way.

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  5. MOS95B

    MOS95B Member

    I'never played the game, but "Snake in a Box" is awesome!!!!

    NULLMOON Member

    there is a mg model floating about somewere on the net
  7. rickstef

    rickstef Guest

    Umm Null?

    The model you posted is a scan from a kit that was handed out in Japan, and illegal for you to post it here


    NULLMOON Member

    ahh i found it free better remove it then i didnt seem like something that should be free i found the link on the icebergmodels links section and couldnt re-find the site
  9. asmick

    asmick New Member

    I built that one for my son cause he played Super Smash Bros, he got a kick out of it.
  10. JoseOmatic

    JoseOmatic New Member

    Haha, that one is awesome. Thanks

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