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  1. vdegrazia

    vdegrazia Member

    I am looking to automate my layout. Does anyone have a good source for low voltage solenoids?
  2. hooknlad

    hooknlad Member

    Hiya - what type of application do you need the solenoids? Slow / fast ? You could check on ebay under pinball parts and accessories - I know those babies are loaded with that stuff. Some will come with springs, some will have 2 coils, an in coil and an out coil. Hope that helped.
  3. vdegrazia

    vdegrazia Member

    Michael: Thanks for the response. I am looking for the double throw solenoids used on the Lionel switches. I have a number of manual switches that I want to try converting. I also have other applications that I want to play with. I will check ebay. Any additional info will be greatly appreciated.

    Vic D

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