Solderless connectors??

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  1. Help, I've looked all over for wire connedtors, that will fit on the Atlas turnout switchs. Ive tried my local hobby shop, Radio Shack, and various builder supplies. I need 18/22 gauge small enough to fit onto the little screw posts, but have run into a stone wall. Any suggestions?? AT&SF Duey:confused: :confused:
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    Hi, Dewey, Its been a long time since I used Atlas machines but the way the terminals are spaced the connector just doesn't fit.

    You may be able to find some smaller ones where supplies for wiring telephone jacks are found. They use #22-#24 wire.
  3. rich maiorano

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    or you can try a auto supply shop they have some small ones rich
  4. Two Great Idea's

    Thanx again for the great suggestions boy's I knew that from the wealth of knowledge out there on the gauge, that i'd get steered in the right direction.....;) :rolleyes:

    AT&SF Duey

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