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    solder gun tip Tip

    I use a weller model 8200 solder gun.
    I am sure the tip that you screw into the two elctrodes is made to break after a week soldering.
    When this happens and it will, always when you have no replacement tip.
    Just get your pliers on the end and twist it round a few times tight. it will now heat up for a long while.

    If it stops just untwist it and tighten again
  2. Nelson

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    Tinning your solder iron

    Back in high school I took an electronics class after every solder you would clean the tip of your solder iron on a wet sponge. This was areal sponge the kind that come from the ocean and occasionally you would take you solder and put some on the tip and then wipe it clean on the sponge, That way you wouldn't end up with a cold solder joint. They used to sale a gun holder with a little sponge just for this purpose at radio shack
  3. b28_82

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    Not to knock on wet sponges but when i went to a soldering class a few years back with the military; they said we couldn't use the sponges. What we did instead was use a paper towel and alcohol (I believe the denatured type) to wipe off your tip. Also always keep your tip tinned until you want to use it. Then wipe off the excess solder with that paper towel with alcohol on it and it's a clean tip. Otherwise it will become oxidized and won't take the solder. If that happens just keep putting flux on the tip until it takes the solder w/o beading up or if its paste flux put the tip in the flux for a bit.

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