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    If anyone is looking for a nice Russian rocket, PaperWarBirds has a nice one. Go to I received mine in PDF form. Go to the bottom of the page look for Sojus FG.
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    sojuz FG

    To give you a possibility to see the quality of my sojuzFG + sojuzST2/1A model you can download here page5 and page17.
    Link: M1-100-TEST.pdf

    Page 5 is the third stage.
    Page 17 shows a drawing of Sojuz in both versions.
    The model can be built in stages.
    It is a model for card modellers with some practice.

    Roman / morewings
  4. BARX2

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    Looks very good! Thank you. :)
  5. Jim Krauzlis

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    Quite a detailed model, Roman!

    What is the notation "TMA not included" referring to?

    If the manned vehicle shown in the diagram on page 17 is not included, are you planning on designing it later?

    Great looking model!!

  6. morewings

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    Included is the cover you see on the photo above. I want to design a detailed (1:100) TMA-Capsule.
    But it isn't still ready. I have do do some research.

  7. BARX2

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    Hi Roman,

    With the 50th anniversary of Sputnik coming up in October, could you make a Sputnik nose cone to go with this R-7 booster? Or would other modifications be necessary to turn this Soyuz launcher in a Sputnik rocket? I'm planning to build a Sputnik to display at the University where I work and was going to build Lar Folmann's Sputnik, but might use your model instead, if I could modify it to look like Sputnik. Another idea would be to create a Sputnik kit and sell it alongside your Soyuz. Thanks.

  8. morewings

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    Hi Joe,

    outside, this rocket always seems to be the "Semjorka" (That means; "The good old seven"[R7]). Used in more then 1800 successful launches until today.
    Inside there are, in the long time the soviets and russians used this rocket, a lot of changes to increase the power.
    It is no problem to make this little cone which contained the sputnik.
    But the R 7 which carried the sputnik was completely in another colour than the FG. It was in dark green.

  9. BARX2

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    Oh yeah, I forgot about the color. I'm color blind, so I don't think about that very much. :oops:
  10. Jim Krauzlis

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    I got my copy...the graphics are typically fantastic Roman artistry!

    This is a very nicely rendered model. The instructions are in German, so you might have to use an online translator like babelfish for some aspects of the construction, but the assembly diagrams are pretty clear and Roman uses a common sense numbering system for the various parts, so I don't envision any problems figuring out the build sequence. Go to his link, above, to see a sample of the model pages to get a very good idea of the graphics...superb!

    Can't wait to print this one out and get to some cutting and gluing!


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