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    If you like Gimp, you should love sodipodi. This is an open source vector drawing package I ran across that feels very much like Gimp (and apparently uses some of the Gimp 2 modules, since it won't install unless you have Gimp 2 on the HD). It's open source ( :D FREE :D ), so won't cost anything but drive space to try out. It is very lacking in documentation, so would probably appeal most to the adventuresome, but might make a nice add to the toolbox. A google search gets you to the home page with no effort.
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    Its dependency is on the GTK+ libraries used by the GIMP, not the GIMP itself. You can obtain and install GTK on its own if you'd like.

    Of course there's no reason to short yourself a capable image manipulator/editor though.

    The only gotcha is that most of the broken/missing bits/shortcomings of the windows port of the GIMP are due to problems within GTK itself, so they'll probably also be present in this program.

    Of course, if you've never used a Linux GIMP, you don't realize you're missing anything anyways. :)

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