So you want to build the layout of your dreams

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by boomboom, Jul 17, 2005.

  1. boomboom

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    1. This will be the first installment of the never ending life of a model railroader.
    You have been tossing around this idea for the past couple of years,after seeing a friends layout.
    The questions start flowing in the back of your mind.
    What scale schould I do?then again what the heck is scale?
    Lets see I have a PC,I could go on the web and search for information,then absorb everything I have read.But lets see were do I go?Low and behold I find the gauge.I join,and I can get all the information I need from more experienced railroaders,after all I am the rookie.Ok that all being done step 1 is complete,fact finding mission.

    Step #2 now what era do I want to do?steam,deisel,steam to deisel,do I want a point to point,switching,an industrial setup,a mining or logging theme,boy the possibilities are endless.

    Step # 3 Space?Do I have the space for this model empire,will I have to spenp my lifes savings to accomplish what I want to do..
    Step # 4 Again I go to the Gauge to get more ideas...

    Step # 5 Set my plan in motion.

    Step # 6 Break the news gently to my wife.Tell her that insted of being on the golf course on the weekends,I will be home creating.

    Step # 7 Time to hit the catalogs and local hobby shop for the supplies.Now what a minute,I have no idea what catalog to even begin to look at.I go back to step # 1,go on line and get the input from the members of the gauge.I have a couple of options here,Shop on line,or for the most part,order the walthers catalog.Ok I will do both,orderd the catalog,and perused the model railroad hobby links.
    The book arrives about 4 days later,I open it,I feel like a kid in a candy store.what the heck am I going to get?The hours go by with such ease,I have pad and pen in hand and have been making the wish list as I go_Ok lets start getting the layouts bench work in play here.
    Step # 8 Plan of action put into place,layout everything needed for the bench work,ok thats all done,time for the trip to home depot,I get everything I needed and stayed way under budget,not bad for the first time[​IMG].Now thw fun begins,building the foundation of my minature world.Doing this I find that lose all track of time,and insted of the wife calling,and asking when will I be home,I get are you still alive,or did you forget what time it was.The weekend went to damn fast.I can't wait till next weekend.I have 1001 ideas floating in my head.
    Thats all for today part 2 will follow next week on 7-23-05.

    Please note that I am in no way as you can tell a writer,or an english major.I am writing this story because I can just imagine the guy or gal who want to start in this hobby.When I started there were no such things as forums like the gauge[​IMG] .were you could ask a multitude of questions and get a mega responce with the push of a button.The gauge is clean,respectable and most important informitive.And for all that I thank all of you.
    Till next week,I bid all of you peace.
    Mike [​IMG]
  2. ausien

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    Thanks mike, that sound so familuar, it was what I went throu when I first started( and as you said, "there was no gauge around for me") it sounds funny when you put into words what you/I went through. Looking forward to then next part...have a good one..steve
  3. Zman

    Zman Member

    Sounds like a plan, but next time could you not post blue lettering on a blue background. :eek: :eek: :eek:

    As far as catalogs go, start out by getting a Walthers catalog - most hobby shops have them, and they go for about $20. You'll get lots of ideas and enthusiasm just leafing through it.
  4. boomboom

    boomboom New Member

    Zman you have it all wrong...

    First my appoligies for picking the dumb font color,what in the hell was I thinking.
    2nd. Zman did you read the artical or just skim over it? i DON'T NEED A CATALOG.I am sort of writing the life and times of a model railroader,what he or she goes threw.
    As promised I will be putting the next edition on tommorow,but for now I am still at work taking a small break,its 10:15 pm and I have probably another 4 hours togo.Till then.
  5. Tileguy

    Tileguy Member

    Well I for 1 enjoyed the story( after highlighting it so I could read it ;) )
    I'm looking forward to your next submission :)
  6. belg

    belg Member

    Zman if you highlight the text like you were going to print it it would show up in white. I wasn't about to strain to read it the way it was. Pat

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