So...who sells the Prudenziati kits?

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by Wily, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. Wily

    Wily Member

    Someone emailed me about my Mc.200 build and asked where the kit could be purchased.

    Anyone know? I thought the site at: cardmodel was the place, but they're not listed.

  2. Texman

    Texman Guest

    Well, where did you get yours? Might be a good starting place. I know DeWayne did sell them for awhile, but with his ailing health, I'm not so sure.

  3. Wily

    Wily Member

    texman - well! You pointed out the obvious logical flaw in my post (LOL!). :D

    My Prudenziati kits were obtained about eight years ago when the designer had all of them on the web, for free. I have the models on an archive disc somewhere - my copy was printed out the day I downloaded them in 2000!

    I have the files on an archive drive somewhere...but realize A. I can't find them and B. if I could, distributing them would probably be a violation of copyright as well as someone's trust.
  4. sdk2knbk

    sdk2knbk Guest

    I, too, got the bulk of my Zio collection back when they were free downloads (and printed most of them on my first color printer!) The last I knew, DeWayne was going to leave the cardmodel selling business for a while (if not for good) due to his health, and his disgust with a certain pirate site that was posting most of the models he had for sale. (I still can't believe the gall and attitude(s) of those people!)

    Looks like the best way to find out would be to email DeWayne from his site, or try the link on it to Zio's site, and contact him directly.

    Scott K.
  5. Wily

    Wily Member

    Can't find the Prudenziati kits on Dwayne's site...does anyone have a direct link?
  6. logicman

    logicman Greybeard


    Try clicking the ZioPrudenzio logo.announce1:rolleyes:

    Lots of freebies - luverly jubbly.

    c200 kit is here, but is it Prudenzio's design, I wonder?

  7. Texman

    Texman Guest

    No, that is a Marek design.
  8. logicman

    logicman Greybeard

    Thanks, I did wonder. (Note to self: get new glasses.) :mrgreen:

    It might be best to email Prudenzio with a query:
    prudenziati < at >


  9. Wily

    Wily Member

    dude...the kits aren't for least not that I can see. : )

    The Mc.200 kit listed for sale is not a Prudenziati kit... :/

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