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Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by Cannonball, Jan 6, 2007.

  1. Cannonball

    Cannonball More Trains Than Brains

    Ordered an RMT Beep from Wholesale Trains last night. I've seen mixed reviews on them but I figured for $54.00, I wasn't going to pass one up. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I got the Norfolk & Western since my wife's family mostly lives around Virginia and Pennsylvania. If I like this one, I'm going to get her the Pennsylvania Tuscan Beep with the passenger set ands possibly The Virginian for me. I e-mailed them about doing a Burlington Northern in the old green, black, and white color sceme but they have no plans for that one in the near future. :(

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  2. CNWman

    CNWman CNW Fan

    Well then...

    Why don't you order any of the three and send it in to the guys who do custom paint jobs on a different thread. Maybe they can help ya out:thumb:
  3. Renovo PPR

    Renovo PPR Just a Farmer

    I am mixed on my Beep. I love the looks of the locomotive however I am not very impressed with the power. I know this is a small switcher for yard work but it doesn’t have the power to pull many cars.

    It has one speed very slow. One nice effect is the lights on the locomotive they are outstanding.

    Like I told you I’m mixed, some days I think it was a bargain then others I wonder why I ever bought it.

    I hope you enjoy yours though. If I get some time I will post a picture of mine.[FONT=&quot][/FONT]
  4. Cannonball

    Cannonball More Trains Than Brains

    I thought about doing something like that. Perhaps I'll get one after tax season to be modified.
  5. Cannonball

    Cannonball More Trains Than Brains

    Didn't you have problems with yours not running at all when you first got it?
  6. Renovo PPR

    Renovo PPR Just a Farmer

    Yes it was a problem but with a little time and work I got it running. It is a very simple train to work on. Very limited wiring and two simple motors like you would find in those cheap battery hand held fans.

    I would love to find another small locomotive that I could switch the body with.
  7. Gil Finn

    Gil Finn Active Member

    Problems right out of the box.

    I looked at thier web site and was thinking of getting on in B&O livery since they dont have C&O.

    Think it is a good move?
  8. Geno

    Geno Member

    The beep falls into the "it-is-what-it-is" category. It's meant to be a whimsical what-if piece that looks real enough to have been built in real life, although that is not the case.
    I doubt it was ever meant to pull more than a few cars- and for that price you're getting what you paid for.

    If you really want a serious road switcher, get an Atlas GP-15, GP-35, or K-Line GP-38 (if you can find one)- any these engines are dual vertical can motor powered, and heavy enough to pull a long train if required.

  9. Cannonball

    Cannonball More Trains Than Brains

    If it can do 5 or 6 cars, I'll be happy.
    My layout isn't really going to support long freights anyway so that won't be an issue.
    Does anyone have anything good to throw in on this?
  10. Geno

    Geno Member

    Don't get me wrong- I actually like the little guys. I wanted to order a UP, but at the time they were out. Alot of the OGR Forunites have one, even upgraded with TMCC from the Electric Train Co. (they supply the upgrade boards only).

    The comments were for those beep owners who were less than satisfied with its performance. And if this is the case, there are always takers on Ebay.

  11. Renovo PPR

    Renovo PPR Just a Farmer

    Don't worry it will pull 4 or 5 cars in fact it can pull more. I think the most I had on it was 8 cars. It is just slow, I guess when I said power I meant or should of said speed.

    One thing I did notice the steel wheels pick up a ton of dirt fast.

    Hey don't sweat it you will like it and as I said they are a very nice looking locomotive. If I really didn't like mine I would of dumped it on E-bay by now. For the price of some rolling stock cars you got a nice little locomotive.
  12. Cannonball

    Cannonball More Trains Than Brains

    That I can deal with.

    LOL.... I've spent the last two months cleaning up engines, rolling stock, and track that had been stored in a damp basement for 30 years. I can handle this. :D

    I won't worry until I get it and it doesn't run. If it's got all the features it says it has and runs, it will be more than a bargain. My only wish is that it had a horn. (Is there somewhere I could get a transformer controlled horn for it later on?)
  13. Cannonball

    Cannonball More Trains Than Brains

    I wouldn't eBay it. I'd just return it and get a Williams 44 tonner that Elcoholic posted in the "New Engine" thread. I like the looks of the Beeps better but the 44 tonners have a horn and are pretty cool looking as well.
  14. Seaboard

    Seaboard Member

    Those Beeps look as just as good as those Aristo Craft Lil critter's. Heck I wouldn't mind buyin a beep for myself.:D
  15. Renovo PPR

    Renovo PPR Just a Farmer

    WOW I saw this on another forum. What can I say except for this is the way a company should respond.

    "trainlover160...If the BEEP ran fine after uncoupling let's look at the cars first...on a curve (always hard to start rolling), on an upgrade ( no question here about hard)...or the entire train on a straightaway (lets check this out).

    First try only with 1 car, if ok, then 2, if ok then 3. There also may be a problem with these cars. Can you try any other cars? Is there any oil etc. on track that may cause slipping?

    If still a problem, advise what railroad name, how long ago purchased (no problem we'll honor warranty), check to see if traction tire ok and then contact me directly.

    I will make it right.


    Walter M. Matuch
    Ready Made Trains, LLC "
  16. Cannonball

    Cannonball More Trains Than Brains

    Sounds like this guy has got customer service down.
    I'd be interested to see the rest of that thread if you have a link to it.
  17. Renovo PPR

    Renovo PPR Just a Farmer

  18. Cannonball

    Cannonball More Trains Than Brains

  19. Dave Farquhar

    Dave Farquhar Member

    The stalling on switches is caused by the wheelbase being short and both pickup rollers ending up in a dead zone on the switch or crossing. Whether you'll have the problem depends entirely on the switches and crossovers you have. If you do have the problem, you can tether two together (and the CTT review found that, for whatever reason, two Beeps can pull more than double what one Beep can pull) or put a car with a pickup roller behind the Beep and run a wire from that pickup roller to a convenient ground on the Beep.

    So the problems are possible to solve, at least. I'd buy a KCS Beep in a heartbeat if they'd make one. :(
  20. railohio

    railohio Active Member

    Wow. That is um... Wow. Yep, "wow" is the nicest word I can think of to describe that abomination.

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