So I have a 8-40CW sitting on my desk...

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by RidgeRunner, Sep 18, 2003.

  1. RidgeRunner

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    I picked up a new RPP 8-40CW body shell from my local hobby shop to replace a screwed up shell from a project I was working on years ago... it's sitting on the RPP chassis, with Athearn trucks and a Sagami motor. I've just put P:87 40" wheelsets on it, and now I need to decide what locomotive I'm going to model! I've been tempted to scratch-bash a cab to model either a NS C39-8 or a 8-40C, but if that would be too involved, I may just paint it as an ex-CR or LMS widecab unit. I'm just curious about your opinions of which route I should go. :)
  2. Greg Elems

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    I've seen the ex-CR's in person. Very nice looking engines and can go anywhere. I saw mine in Stockton California on the UP. So if a vote is put up, I vote for ex-CR. :D :D
  3. RidgeRunner

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  4. Ray Marinaccio

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    I was hoping you would make that choice.
    can't wait to see it.

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