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  1. mininote

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    Expedition to the pole is a nice subject for kids dreams.
    Here's the snowcat from 1958 Belgian Antarctic expedition. The real thing can still be seen in Brussels museum beside a DHC Otter from the same event.

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  2. Bowdenja

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    I remember these! They were used in all of the "polar" war movies.... like "Ice Station Zebra" and such. Neat model!

  3. lizzienewell

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    Cool. Definitely icy cool. Snowcats, snow tractors, piston bullies, and rollogons is a great thing to model. A zambony might be fun too.

  4. mininote

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    An other sowcat available

    There's also a british expedition vehicle model. Same author, it is orange with a long nose. Can find it through - ...again!
  5. mininote

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    ...Must be snowcat, not sowcat

    ...darn tabulator!
  6. David H

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    Tucker Sno_cat

    I loved it and went hunting... If Tintin didn't encounter onr then he should and, in my mind, has.

    The first file was a bit odd. I had to print using the Adobe viewer in my browser.

    I have made a start. :wink:
  7. mininote

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    sno-cat again

    Here's pics about the other Tucker sno-cat model available, reduced to aprox. 1/72 scale...

    By the way, many thanks to Gill for excellent thread:


    I had forgotten those useful tools for long time, now I've bought some. No more headashe making tanks with numerous tiny wheels!

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