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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by UPJunkie, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. UPJunkie

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    What is the best snow i can use on my layout? I am making a snow sene on my layout and im not sure what is the best snow i can use to make it like real After i get this part done i will be posting up pics
  2. Blake

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    I have had success with the Woodland Scenics stuff. Make your contours with plaster, clay or whatever you normally use. If you are modeling shallow snow, paint the surface the color it would be without snow (a field of so on). Then paint on a thin coat of white glue and sprinkle the snow onto it. You can do several layers. If you are modeling deep snow, paint the surface a blue / gray first and then the glue and snow. The reason for the different color is that shallow snow is somewhat transparent and the colors underneath will bleed through a little while deep snow will reflect the color of the sky.
  3. UPJunkie

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    ok thanks

    The wife went out and bought 2 cans of snow i wasnt sure to use it or take it back and get something eles to use
  4. jon-monon

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    UP is that the decorating/window spray on snow she bought? I was just wondering if that stuff would work well. It sure would be easy to apply. I think it would be a bit course for smooth, deep snow, but maybe good for shallow, choppy snow in the grass. I would certainly experiment with it first, on a small test diaramma that doesn't have much effort in it yet. Also, I think it's forever gummy, that spray.
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    Hi UP!
    I don't know if this will help...
    I used Dave Frary's "recipe" for "acrylic snow" from his book, How To Build Realistic Model RR Scenery.
    It calls for:
    1 part Titanium White artists' acrylic paint
    1part acrylic gel medium
    1 part acrylic modeling paste
    (all of these can be purchased at a art supply, or craft store)
    This is for modeling a permanent snow scene, & can be brushed on over the scenic base, on structures, trees, etc...
    It has a "glisteny" look like real snow, & stays nice & white!
    (this is a little Christmas layout I built for the kids several years ago)

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  6. sumpter250

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    A way for applying WS snow to your trees is to first spray the tree with Testors Glosscote, then take a teaspoon with a load of "snow" held over the tree, and gently tap the spoon to let the snow fall naturally on the tree. One or two applications should be enough.
  7. UPJunkie

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    thanks guys this helps me alot!!! :thumb:

    and yes it is the spray on snow in a can she got it at Wallyworld(WalMart)


    Great looking layout do you have christmas lights on the layout to if so what kind of lights did you use
  8. Drew1125

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    The lighting is very simple...each of the structures is lighted by one of those bulbs made by Model Power (I think)...they come 2 or 3 to a package.
  9. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    I would not use the snow in the spray can, as it deteriorates over time, and it's effect on plastic is ????.

    Jongrant over at the Atlas forum has some impressive winter scenes...

    Sorry - don't have a link right now, as the Atlas search is really slow (so is the whole site for that matter). I'll see if I can find some stuff later...

    For Christmas lights, you might want to try:,250,43298

  10. UPJunkie

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    ok thanks
  11. pjb

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    Vintage Reproductions, who's products are on sale at comprehensive model railroad stores, have been at this racket longer than any one else. They regularly advertize in NARROW GAUGE & SHORT LINE GAZETTE , as well as some non model railroad periodicals. They are not aerosol products, and have details as to how to use them.
    They make different artificial snows reflecting the various conditions such as: thawing, with wet slush; frozen slush; new fallen in low temp environment ( remember - it was lousy for snow ball making); crusted over with glinting surface, etc. If you have a specific place and time and wish realism ... there the products for you.

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