sneek peek at my next project!

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  1. something futureristic is coming soon look at this!

    if anybody know what kind of concept car this is let me know ok?

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  2. greenelf1967

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    Is it the mercedes concept the one with the fabric lke skin which can adjust and stretch? :wave:
  3. i hope this help you.

    i don't know but could it be?

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  4. sjsquirrel

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    Very Cool

    I'm looking forward to seeing a test build. Very interesting subject, and I'll bet it's a challenging build.

  5. more part's of the model.

    here is 2 more pages that is the whole thing

    now to test build this masterpieces. hand to hand.

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  6. i needed to fix 2 pages

    this was some erorrs i had to fix.

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  7. i did it but not will rounded.

    i made the model finnaly but not as i hoped for

    here are the pics enjoy.

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  8. one more shot!

    here is the top version

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