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    I have 2 trains that originally came from England. Both are Lima, with pantographs. One has 4 passenger cars, and the other has 9 frieght cars, and appear to have German writing on them. Both gave SNCF in raised letters, and European couplers. Anyone familiar with this?
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    I don't think Lima is an English company.
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    I know Lima is made in Italy, but these trains belonged to a person that came from England. I just don't know what the SNCF stands for. I'll want to sell them, but don't know what RR they belong to.

  4. cnw1961

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    SNCF stands for the French National Railroad Company: [SIZE=-1]Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français.[/SIZE]
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    SNCF stands for Societe National des Chemins de Fer, the French National Railways...

    The engines are European prototype and by the description of the pantographs, they're electric engines (catenary / overhead power lines !)
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    Many thanks

    One thing is for sure, if you hadn't told me I never would have guessed. I appreciate you all chiming in. Now I know what I have.

    Thanx again

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