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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by MinnMonkey, Apr 13, 2005.

  1. MinnMonkey

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    First of all, is Atlas Snap-track what it sounds like...Snap it together and go. Do I need to fasten it to the surface, or will it hold itself together?

    Second question...I have a little bit of Katos Unitrack (the K1 set), and would like to expand it to a figure 8 with a bridge. I looked, and to do that with Unitrack it will cost over $100 for 10 peices of track. Would it be possible to use Snap-track along with my exsiting Unitrack? How easy is this given that Snap-track and unitrack have different radiuses, and lengths?
  2. jetrock

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    Atlas Snap-Track will work itself loose before too long if you just set it up on a table--securing it down is definitely recommended. Atlas also makes another product similar to Unitrack that consists of Atlas Code 83 snap-track in a plastic "ballast" base similar to Unitrack. If you're going to build a permanent layout, the Snap-Track might be a better choice in the long term.

    I imagine that you could use rail joiners to connect Unitrack to snap-track (or flextrack or other no-base-included track) but it would require a little fiddling, and roadbed under the Atlas track to bring it up to the same elevation as the Unitrack.
  3. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery


    Atlas' "roadbed track" is called Tru-track, but I do not know if it is available in Nscale. Kato Unitrack is supposed to be the best roadbed track there is, so it is not surprising that it will co$t!

    If you are still intending to build a temporary setup on a table, carpet, or whatever, I would recommend that you stick with the roadbed track. As noted above, the regular "snap track" will work itself loose, and does not have a roadbed to keep out dust, carpet fibres, etc, etc. Flextrack is not usable with this kind of set up, as it almost always must be fixed in place.

    Any type of track can be attached to any other (of the same scale and gauge... ;)). It just depends on how much fiddling you want to do. Also, don't forget that snap track can also be cut to fit if necessary.

    Have you decided whether you will try some modules or a mini-layout, or do you still want to set-up temporarily?

  4. MinnMonkey

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    My setup is going to have to be temporary for a couple of months until I have a place to setup a layout.

    Does anyone know if there is a pier set that will work with the standard unitrack? If I can get by without using a lot of the viaduct unitrack it will save a lot of money (especially since this is a temporary setup).

    Another thought I have had is to buy some snap-track and permentantly join them for the bridge and ramp section...any thoughts about how I might go about doing this with a pier ramp.

    Thanks for all the help!
  5. Hoghead

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    Invest in the Unitrack.....well worth it and derailments are almost nil even after the track is set up and taken down several times.

    The stuff is good for layouts. You can rearrange and tinker as much as possible before securing it without having to worry about worn out joiners.

    The power routing switches are also a plus.
  6. Hoghead

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    Kato makes a transition track where you can go from Atlas to Unitrack, but as far as pier sets compatiable? I couldn't tell you.
  7. MinnMonkey

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    Thanks for all the info!

    I ended up purchasing some Unitrack. It was cheaper than I originally thought. On Katos website, it looked like it was going to be about $10 per piece, but it ended up being closer to $4.

    So far I have setup a basic figure 8, with a small switching yard in the middle of one of the loops. Now all I need to do is find some space to start working on a layout...but that is a few months out.
  8. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    For the record: Snap track got its name because it was a "snap" to put together. It makes no sound; there is no locking mechanism to keep it together.
  9. I too am going to try a mini n layout after doing some HO but not having room now. Other than the Unitrack, is there a brand you n vets would suggest over others? Also, how mini can i do?

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