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    yes, I am not upset about this as I have decided to do the same thing, motors just don't last and have too many problems I have completed a unit for Ron's that is satisfactory looking. and I agree with the restorer's 100 percent on the concept that they don't want problems in the future. the fan blade on the led base if left there would cast rotating shadows. mine uses opposing leds that flicker in their own wedge shaped backing. with a diamond on top. and a translucent gold dome that the lights show thru completely I will post a video of the effect tonight when I get home, its just a question of time and outside variant light so its better to show in the evening instead of AZ daytime washout. so that's why I am not shooting it right now.

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    they are trying very hard to be true to the Grey Lady, and still have her last a long time on display. Godspeed to them.

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