Smiths Falls Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge

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    Yes, The Gauge seems to have a lot of "Canadian Content" - the CRTC would surely approve... ;)

    Essex is the Windsor end of the province, is it not? From Windsor to the Smith's Falls railways museum would be about 800km, but the good news is you can do it by train, except the last kilometre or so. Trains don't go to the station that became the museum, but they still go to the old CPR station, now partly used by VIA, and partly as a community theatre (currently under construction/renovation).

    I don't know if the Scherzer lift bridges got big enough to permit access by something like the Fitzgerald. Certainly the one at Smith's Falls is not big enough. There are (apparently) lots of these type bridges in Chicago though, so maybe that is a good source of info.

    Don't worry about the Shay - sounds like a good enough rationale for me! I have a circa 1920s CN layout loosely based in southern/eastern Ontario. To my knowledge, they never had a Galloping Goose, but I am building them one :)

    Keep us updated on your project!

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    Andrew , don't get me started on the ' Goose ' there are NEAT . S'pose it could take my steel workers from town to the jobsite ....hmmmm but that's what I was using a kitbashed Doodlebug for ( ever see an industrial Doodlebug ? liberties ....) . Everytime I see a Goose I think of John Allen and his unique collection of ' people movers '. NEIL

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