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Discussion in 'The Real Thing- North America' started by stuart_canada, Jan 6, 2008.

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    Some really nice pictures there, Stuart. I like the 914, and it was nice to see the Northlander and the Car-Go-Rail boxcar, too. You should post some of those here.

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    A good time to be in Smiths Falls is between 1:00 and 1:45 when VIA's Toronto southbound comes off of VIA's Smiths Falls sub and VIA's Ottawa northbound comes off of CP Rail's Brockville sub. They both meet at Smiths Falls as there are no passing sidings on the Brockville or Smiths Falls subs. Looks like you got to the station just in time. There's usually some CP Rail freights coming in from Montreal or Toronto (CP Rail's Winchester or Belleville subs or on the Chalk River sub.

    The signal mast at the east end of the station controls movement onto the Brockville sub and eastbound onto the Winchester sub (to Montreal). A good way to tell whether there are trains approaching is to look at the signal aspects. Lots of signal masts controlling tracks #1, #2, #3, #4 and #5.

    And then there's the action in the yard. #6613 is one of those ex-Soo Lines SD40-2's which has been in Smiths Falls for a couple of years now. #3031 and #3042 are two GP38s that have been mu'd together for a long, long time. There's still a couple of GP9s on the east side of the yard. There's a noticeable difference in pulling power as #3031 does the work of the two GP38s. Which is why the GP9s are hardly ever used for switching in the yard anymore.

    Good pics!

    Bob M.
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    i did not see the gp9s, i should of gone over to the other side of he yard but it was busy on the station side...
    i noticed a few fans there to watch the toronto bound and the ottawa express meet. seems most railfans there were only there for the VIA trains.

    when i was younger there use to be a group of fans who owuld meet for an entire day and night of train watching, were you one of them bob?
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    Were these guys there?

    Lyon Valley Northern

    Scroll down for Chris' entries on railfanning Smiths Falls... :)

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    i do not recall those guys from the over night fanning days
    should try and plan another ovder nighter there
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    Those "other guys" are friends of mine who belong to a couple of the local clubs. They have some fantastic modelling skills and Ron models in a number of scales.

    If you plan an overnighter, you should rent a caboose from the Smiths Falls Railway Museum to stay in...!

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    I frequently travel by the station on my way through Smiths Falls. My white Dodge minivan automatically knows the route. If there are trains, I usually stop. If there are no trains, I keep on going. It's hit-and-miss but I've seen lots of trains coming through over a 2 - 3 hour period. It all depends on the traffic. I'm usually sitting down in the seats at the VIA station.

    Bob M.

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