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  1. shibby

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    whats the smallest scale of trains? from hat I have seen its very hard to tell cause everything is in proportion with its surroundings

    so whats the smallest scale of trains and how big are they in like inches
  2. Fred_M

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    Z smallest commercial scale is Z which is 1/220. Locomotives and rolling stock are small at under 2 inches long as a rule; though a DD40 or E unit might be a bit over 2 inches. Fred
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    Hiya shibby,
    Welcome to the Gauge! :wave: :wave:

    A Marklin 2-6-0 is 3-9/16" with the tender. A 60' diesel loco would
    measure 3-1/4 ".

    A Big Boy (132') would be 7.2" long :D :D (does anybody make one?) :cool:

  4. Smaller than Z is the 'Tiny Trains' 1:900 scale, but this is just a chain of cars being pulled around a cable at that size.
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  6. shaygetz

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    Welcome, Shibby, here's one in my hand. I have it for the clinics I give for beginning model rails. Makes an HO boxcar look huge.

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  7. shibby

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    so thats a z scale right? whats the best place to get trains that size I cant find any on nor does my hobby shop carry trains at all mainly rc helis planes and trucks

    I here you ca fit a N scale on a small area like 2' x 4' so do you have a comaprison picture of z to N scale?
    and about how big would a layout ohave to be to fit a fairly sized z-scale?
  8. shaygetz

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    Here's a picture of an HO caboose compared to an N scale caboose and a Z scale 4 wheel van. A 2x4 foot layout in Z would compare to a 6x10 HO one fairly well. I've seen nice ones in a briefcase but I would go with 2x4 as a nice minimum with 30"x48" yeilding a really nice operating layout that's still very portable. has a list of dealers on their page.

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    Dunno bout trains, but

    This is z scale font size!! :):):)
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    I cant get into model trains for now other than painting my toy one in some flames cause my paintball gun was stolen and I need to buy another which will be a tippmann A-5
    Tippmann A-5

    too bad
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    my apologies
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    Hey guys, do you like your spam fried or baked?

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    A paint ball gun? A paint ball gun? That paint ball gun needs to be fried, baked and then stolen again!!

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