smallest punch bits?

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    whats the smallest punch bits avalible i need some real tiny ones for my WAK TKS i have a 1.2mm bit which is to big the smallest one i can find is a 1mm bit which dosent seem that much smaller than the 1.2mm whats the smallest these things get? or is there another way to make micro rivets
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    This is just a thought.

    If you find some watchmakers drillbits, and drill the required size holes in a bit of sheet metal, you could apply white glue or liquid steel or aluminium through it onto the area you want a rivet. Then paint as required.

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    ive tried making rivets that way before its dosent really work for me i find the glue/cement just fills the hole up this method works well just using a cocktail stick and adding a small blob carefully i used this method on the tracks for my modelik mk1v(rip) if i cant find a way of making real 3d rivets i think ill just add a little bit of shading to each rivet to give the illusion of dimension
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    You mean hole punch?
    The smallest hole punch i've seen is 1mm, i'd suggest making smaller ones from syringe needles/piercing needles/ink refill needles, sand, grind or cut the point off and then grind a sharp edge to make a punch.
    You'll have to make it short to prevent it bending and i'm not exactly sure how you would get the punched object out of the tube.
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    Had a similar problem making bolt holes in the track plates on a BT tank model. Made the punch from an inkjet cartridge refill needle - used a dressmakers pin cut off square with a Dremel to push the paper disks out of the punch. I found that the micro punch could be pushed through the card by finger pressure alone.

    Perhaps for a tankette like the TK-3 embossing the rivets might be a better option. I did this on a Carden-Loyd Mk VI build at papermodelers - it seemed to come out ok. I tried the stick on rivet scheme with a T-27 build and wasn't as happy with it as I was with the Carden-Loyd.


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    off topic but were did the Carden-Loyd Mk VI come from?
    i may try the embossing method as i find rivets tend to de-laminate at small scale unlike plastic (thanks pahorace) i was going to put the kit over a light box and mark off the rivet positions and emboss them with a sail needle this is fine for this kit but may cuase problems on my gpm tk-3 as it has an interior that is backprinted
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    cardmodel - it's the Zio Prudenzio model - I rescaled it from 1/35 to 1/25. You'll have to e-mail DeWayne to order it.


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    1mm is the smallest I've seen. You could try white glue in a hyperdermic syringe. I've never tried it, but that is a common method that the plastic modellers use. Just squeeze out a tiny drop and apply it to the model. I guess that grinding the point off may make for better results, and would help avoid getting a finger full of glue.
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    punch & die set

    Reheat Models from the UK made one several years ago with sizes ranging from 1 mm up. I have one and it's a really nice set. Check around on the net; you may be able to get one. It's worth the money.
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    Sub mm Punches

    Sub 1 mm drill shafts can be ground flat with a Dremel wheel. These can be used to directly punch holes in card stock by driving the drill through the card with a small hammer into an expendable backing of polyethylene sheet. Don't drive too hard otherwise the punched disks will be too embedded in the polyethylene. Instead of using a hammer the squared off drill can be mounted into a pin vise and that can be used to punch holes by hand force alone...,


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    Anybody tried hollow punches that are used for leather punching? Do they make it in metric scales because it seems that all the kits we're making are in millimeter not inches. I live in the US and the smallest one i have seen is 5/16 inches. Anybody knows where i can purchase one?
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    Small punches

    I just stumbled across this thread.
    A watchmaker's "staking tool" provides a range of punches from micro-tiny to very small. You can punch and emboss with one.
    New they are hideously expensive, running from several hundred up to a thousand dollars.
    Used, with a decent set of staking tools, you might be able to find one for around 50 dollars US.
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    If you're asking about punches (vice drill bits), the smallest commercially available set I know of is the Waldron "Sub Miniature" set which punches these hole sizes: 0.063, 0.058, 0.053, 0.048, 0.043, 0.038, 0.033, 0.028, 0.023, and 0.018 inch. Go here and search "Waldron, punches":

    If there's a "Michael's" or "A.C. Moore" crafts chain store in your area, either one carries the Tandy Leather "Mini" and "Maxi" punch sets in their limited leather craft aisles. Or, you could just order straight from Tandy:



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