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Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by sdk2knbk, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. jleslie48

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    I've got 3 of the 4 books mentioned in this thread and the fourth on its way.

    the family craft book is exactly the one pictured here, and the sub was also in the book about modelling boats, along with the tugboat, a sailboat, and a cruise ship. this book is my favorite so far. very clever for a 1970 paper craft book. the sub is the most well done, although all the others look like fun too. the book of 101 toys wasn't very good, and I'm still waiting for the paper projects book.
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    Do you have the one with the racing cars in it? I believe it had a six wheeled tyrell in it.
  3. jleslie48

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    don't think so, certainly no paper racing cars. perhaps when the fourth book arrives. BTW, the most I paid for those 4 books was $6. I think the costs were $1, $2, $3, $6 for the books. I highly reccommend: for your used books. good prices, low shipping prices, and most important and unlike, a search engine that works.

    I've almost even ready to give up on ebay for my books as well, abebooks is consistenly cheaper, and no waiting for the end of auction, its all 'buy it now'
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    'beta' build done on midget sub.

    a bit of a challenge but no worse for wear:



    large image: (250k)

    a fun model, the prop support and guard were too small, I had to extend, and the ballast tank ends were a bit of a fuss to connect to the hull, but all in all a good model. Got a lot of head turns as I was building it at the library at camp.
  5. sdk2knbk

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    I *like* it! Thanks, Jon, I didnae know the wee beastie could look that good. As for the prop supports and guard, they are the right size, but I think the prop shafts are too long. I had a hard time getting the whole mess to fit right in that area without proper locating marks. The shafts should probably exit the hull higher up. Just something for me to fix later on, I guess. Meanwhile, though, your version looks great!

  6. eibwarrior

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    That's a nice sub! Good build and looks great for the small size. I can appreciate some of the scratch and modify building you had to do.

    What did you use for the rigging?
  7. jleslie48

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    my usual, I suspend a bit of black sewing thread from the door frame with some weight at the bottom to keep it straight. I then dap white glue on my fingers and rub it into the string between my two fingers. two coats, 5 minutes apart.

    the glue dries just enough on the thread to keep it straight, yet it is still quite pliable.

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