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  1. I'm stunned!

    Thats a heck of a spaghetti bowl, TC :)

    looks like it would be something from inside a steel mill, served by one of those Plymouth Industrial Diesels.
  2. TrainClown

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    He he heee! Did I say I lay track funny? :) It would need 3 or 4 engines to work it right. At Ipsco, some of the cranes are self propelled, some have an accompanieing engine. Stuff in, stuff out. That's the name of the game.

    TrainClown ;)
  3. 2slim

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    Geez TC, if ya took out the sidings ya'd have a purty keen rolli-coaster ride!!!

  4. TrainClown

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    Say, 2slim, ya might be on ta somethin' thar! ;)

    TrainClown :D
  5. Expanded operational Plan

    This is an expanded operation version. :wave:

    The Green is the mainline. Blue is sidings, the Yellow and Orange are each an Inglenook sidings yard.

    All turnouts are #4, all curves are 9-3/4" or 19", all sidings will hold at least 3 cars.

    Welcome to Littleville, a smallish city with its own local shortline for delivering goods. It has Interchanges with two Class One rail lines, who have small yards in the town.

    Five industries are shown: The Truck Transfer and Local business Team Track are fairly obvious. In addition there are several factories:

    the 'Qwik-N-Tasty' TV Dinner factory, producing a wide variety of frozen items for people across the country.

    the ACME Industries factory, producing Coyote-mangling mayhem for Roadrunners everywhere.

    the 'Al Khemmy' Chemical Company, producing everything from Pesticides to artificial sweetners to kids' chemistry sets. They also supply university and high school labs.

    Scattered at the industries and the yards are 16 freight cars: 5 Boxcars, 2 Reefers, 3 Tankers, 3 Covered Hoppers, 1 Open Hopper, 1 Gondola, and 1 flat car.

    At the start of any operating session, one of the yards will have 8 cars, the other will have 3 cars, and one car will be parked at each industry.

    Among the 8 cars, a 5 car train will be rolled up, using an 8-sided die, rolled 5 times (rerolling any repeated numbers). Each car then rolls a 6 sided die for a destination (Team Track, Truck Transfer, ACME, Food Factory, Chemical Factory, or the other Interchange). No location will take more than 3 cars, so if a site is rolled 4 times, reroll)

    This train is then assembled from the 8 cars, in the order rolled (the first car rolled will be the closest to the engine, and so on)

    The train makes one loop around the track. The Engine then serves the industries, re-assembling a second 5-car train from the cars spotted at the industries while spotting the cars from the first train. Each car going to 'Interchange' must exchange with one of the stored cars at that interchange, which rolls for one of the 5 industries, and is spotted there.

    after Spotting the cars, the engine hooks up to the second train and makes another loop before parking in teh 5-car siding of the second Interchange (the one that started with only 3 cars) and parking the engine at the engine facilities there. This becomes the 'first' interchange for the next play of the game.

    In addition to the game, a short trolley or light rail passenger train can run around the track mainline.

    Short switching diesels (RS-1, SW9/1200, V-1000) and small Steamers are reccommended for the main engine. As drawn, 40 foot cars are best used, 50-foot and longer cars will not fit in the available space

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  6. What I hope is the final plan

    This should be the final trackplan :thumb: :thumb:

    Just one question: is the ACME factory better in the upper left corner, or where it was before inside the passing siding.

    this can be expanded later into the inglenook yard as the interchange

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  7. Ray Marinaccio

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    I like your last plan better.
    What do you think of running the main above the words City Park, parallel to the siding and interchange track and putting a station where the the words City Park?, Pond? are?
  8. Might work

    of course, with almost all 9-3/4 inch curves, I'd have to run 'shorties' or trolleys

    here's a slightly better plan. The 'station' is at the lower curve, between the main and the yard. the passing siding is now also an interesting alternate route around the table

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  9. Russ Bellinis

    Russ Bellinis Active Member

    The last plan looks good. My only question is would a city put a park in the middle of an industrial switching area?
  10. dcfxq

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    I am not sure about most "normal" cities but here in Alexandria we have $700,000+ townhouses sitting in the middle of housing projects along with other oddities. :wave:
  11. Russ Bellinis

    Russ Bellinis Active Member

    That could be, but a city park surrounded by railroad tracks in an industrial area would put playing children at too much risk, and invite lawsuits. Also, how do you get into that city park. The railroad might put in a grade crossing to let cars in, but pedestrians would be trespassing on railroad property. If someone wants to put $700,000.00+ townhouses in the midst of housing projects, that doesn't force anyone to spend that kind of money to buy into the neighborhood.

  12. Well, there is more than industrial trackage to the layout: Houses, Apartments, businesses, etc.

    I had planned a pedestrian bridge over the tracks, and possibly a small pond/stream off the north end of the layout, to add that bridge that seems to fill every layout :)
  13. brakie

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    Russ,I agree it would put children in a high risk area..If that was my layout I would nix that idea and go with some type of non rail served industry.

    SS,I suggest moving the chemical plant to where the Acme factory is at and move
    the factory to where the chemical plant is at..I am sure the denizens of your fair city would be most please by that move especially the NIMBYs. :wave:

    Ray said:What do you think of running the main above the words City Park
    One doesn't really need a grade on such a small layout design like that one for operation..You see it would only eat up the much needed space just like mountains would..I have preach for years that unrealistic grades is not needed on small layouts no more then a small layout needs mountains or rolling hills and one should use his/her space wisely and focus on operation like SS has.
    SS said:Thats a heck of a spaghetti bowl, TC
    LOL! You beginning to sound like me.. :D :wave: If that's good or bad you judge. :D :wave:
    TC,I always thought Train Clowns laid funny track? :eek: :wave:
  14. Not a bad idea. As for the park, Where I live we DO have a railroad right through a city park, Its fenced off and access between sections is by Pedestrian Bridge and a tunnel.

    I think he meant 'above' in terms of map orientation, not a grade.

    I'm keeping TC's spaghetti plan as a possible Tinscale O-gauge track plan

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