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Discussion in 'Traction Thoroughfare' started by bill937ca, Feb 7, 2007.

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    :D You must have been up late searching Bill:D

    What a great find, I have already sent the links to friends.
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    :wave: Thanks Chris.

    I was up late. I was looking for where I heard that Bachmann's trolleys now have a new drive. If you are buying Bachmann look for the trolleys in the hard plastic case instead of the cardboard box and foam packing. I suspect the change was necessary to make them DCC compatable (but I don't have confirmation of this).
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    Now that gets up my curiosity...not sure if I want to drop fifty bones just to experiment with their new drive, but the old one had lots of potential for the hacking hobbyist, and there were schemes to easily convert it to overhead operation as well as trolley pole reverse, not to mention the darn thing could run on 8" radius curves with minimal effort. Hopefully the new one will be as useful.
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    Wow - those layouts are very inspiring!! Thanks for posting the links Bill, I've never seen that site before. I have one of those Bachmann PCCs but I never run it because it goes too fast. A new drive would be very welcome.


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