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    There is an art and science of scaling time for the movies. Generally you can film a model in real time and the public can't tell. But if you film a fall from gravity, it takes a few seconds to fall a hundred feet, while an HO model falls a foot in a fraction of a second (as you notice when you drop one). The film has to be made at high speed and then slowed down to be realistic.
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    That's why it's so difficult to get a working model hump yard - gravity doesn't scale down, so rolling dynamics don't scale down either.
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    It seems the answer is, what ever looks right. The 2-6-6-2 Mallet pulls well so I'll take the suggestion of running it through some nice curves and scale the design to the loco's performance level. You Guys are remarkable and it's an absolute pleasure to chat with you, thanks.

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