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Discussion in 'Tools of the Trade' started by PaperEngTech, Dec 4, 2005.

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    My current design project requires many straight cuts in 145 g/m2 cardstock. Have been using metal rulers for a straight cutting edge but they would often slip while cutting and ruin the part. Discovered this anti-slip ruler from C-Thru called the E-Z Grip 12" ruler, product number MG-12. It has two round elastomeric contacts that allows the ruler to completely touch the paper at the ruler edges while preventing unwanted slips. An added bonus is that it has a convenient T-handle for easy tool manipulation and alignment adjustments. If anyone is cutting many straight edges, I believe that this ruler will make the task really pleasant. It can be found in craft and scrap book stores.

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  2. SCEtoAux

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    Interesting ruler.
    Helix makes a non-slip safty ruler with the two rubber strips on the bottom like the one you referenced and a channel on the printed side for your fingers to help prevent cutting yourself. Works good. I found one at a office supply store at a low price.

    Saftey Ruler

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    Gil suggested the EZ grip when I sliced the tip of my stupid finger(it should have known that the new x-acto blade was sharp and got out of the way on it's own...shezzz). I like the handle being out of the danger zone....for me anyway :grin:

    This is a great ruler, I'm just looking for one smaller than 6".

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    non slip?

    i have a helix steel ruler which has a thin layer of cork on the backside. works great. no slippage.
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    I found a card of 1/2" self adhesive dots at the local Dollar Tree. They work great to keep my rulers from slipping.


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