Skyline F2-H Banshee Build

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by n810, May 14, 2007.

  1. n810

    n810 Guest

    Ok. Pictures will come later, but for now, here we go.

    After reading that Skyline is planning on releasing an A3-Skyraider, I decided yto buy a couple of thier kits to help encourage them to do it FASTER! I picked up the Banshee and the Canberra. This would be my build thread of the Banshee.

    First impression on printing this kit is to wonder why it doesn't have the nifty border and model art logo's on it. Seriously, the quality on first impression is that good.

    First thing I did was to print 2 copies of page 4 so I could make a mold for the glass on the canopy. We'll try molding that tomorrow and see how bad I burn my fingers.

    Second off was to run pages 6 and 7 and laminate them to some 1mm card. I actually scored a package of 25 peices of 11.25 x 8.75 at Office Depot for $1.00 on clearance. I should have bought more!

    Third was to build the cockpit, seeing as the rest of the model spooled to the printer at around 350 megs. Fit was nice, if a bit tight. That is probably due to the paper I printed it on or my complete lack of dexterity.

    Anyway, as soon as the batteries in the camera are charged, I'll be snapping a couple of pics and uploading them for you all.
  2. Sumato

    Sumato Member

    Can't wait to see it! Sorry About the lack of new releases lately. See my thread about the Dehavilland SeaHornet, It kinda explains why. I'm really looking forward to this thread!
  3. Clashster

    Clashster Member

    I too am looking forward to this one! I have the Beaufighter (and watching Johnny's thread) and the Meteor.... Not sure when I will get to them, but I can build vicariously through you!

  4. shoki2000

    shoki2000 Active Member

    I think you confused Skyline with Paper Aircraftwerks :grin:
    (Both of them fine retailers selling excellent models!)
  5. Clashster

    Clashster Member

    Whoops... all this paper is floating around in my head! :oops: Keep looking at the Skyline selections, I will definately pick some up soon! Sorry about that Sumato! :grin:

  6. Bowdenja

    Bowdenja Active Member

    That would be A-3 Skywarrior.............. but close.......... it begins with Sky:grin:

    The quality of his models are really really sweet!

  7. Sumato

    Sumato Member

    Hey, I'm delignted anyone would confuse my models with Gee's models at PaperAircraftWerks. I think his work is excellent, and I strive to publish models on par with his.
  8. cmdrted

    cmdrted Active Member

    Sumato, I know your models are on par with Gee's. Both of you are excellant designers. N810, ?Nathan? You are in for a treat, these babies from Skyline are very well laid out with excellant fit. Take your time, read thru the instructions, they are well thought out and the kit builds best if you follow them. The only time I got jammed up was when I deviated from said instructions.
  9. n810

    n810 Guest

    yep. N810 = Nathan.

    ok here are some pics.
    Cockpit 1

    Cockpit 2

    Wing Spars

    Underneath my cutting mat you can see the internal bulkheads.
    So far my only complaint is that the diagrams don't show you how to position the seatbelts, so I did my best.
  10. n810

    n810 Guest

    Oh yeah, when you are done with the A3 I think you should do it's successor, the S3B Viking, preferably in ASW configuration. I know NOBI did one, but I'd love to have a 1/32 scale of it with complete flight deck and cabin
  11. cmdrted

    cmdrted Active Member

    Looks great so far. When you place the seatbelts for future models you might want to wrinkle them a little, gives them a more "candid" pose.
  12. n810

    n810 Guest

    ok, got the first fuselage piece done. here it is with the wing spars and cockpit
    and by itself
  13. Sumato

    Sumato Member

    I think that the Viking was more of a successor to the S2F Tracker series ASW aircraft, but it still is a hell of an airplane. FlyModel already publishes a pretty smart-looking Viking, but it has no rear-cabin, behind the cockpit, as I recall. To design an S3 would be a major undertaking, but of course, they all are.
  14. n810

    n810 Guest

    To be honest I'm pretty sick of FlyModel and the like. There is way too much engineering that the model builder has to do to get it looking right. I like the digital ones I've been getting from you guys, NOBI, PModel and ML lately. The design work and detail is all top notch, good part fits and when I screw up I just print more. I don't have to scan a back up first. You keep designing, I'll keep buying and building. One of these days I finally get my first design done, and then maybe you can sell it for me!
  15. n810

    n810 Guest

    and the completed main fuse
  16. milenio3

    milenio3 Active Member

    Nathan, you are mentioning many things that ar very useful for us guys who want to buy more commercial kits. Thanks.

    The build is looking great.

    Keep it on!
  17. n810

    n810 Guest

    ok, now for the full fuse

    I haven't installed the front cannons yet so I can slip more weight into the nose for balance if I need it.
  18. Rick Thomson

    Rick Thomson Member

    I thought the Viking was the successor to the Tracker (an Aircraft I'd like to see modeled so as to finish off my collection of RCN fixed wing A/C). It looks a helluva lot like a jet powered Tracker at anyrate.

  19. cmdrted

    cmdrted Active Member

    That's coming together nicely! I have a set of Aim9B sidewinders somewhere, If you want to arm her with more than cannons. I'll try and find then and post them to the partsbin.
  20. Sumato

    Sumato Member

    Yeah, the sidewinders would be awesome. I didn't include any in the kit. The inner pair of pylons sit right next to the main landing gear doors, and as such they were designed (and only suitable) for mounting the early 80 lb HE rockets.

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