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    as i do look around for sources, I always do this when i think you know I wonder is there a paper model of this or that. so I was looking for a lockheed tristar and came across this across this site. What i would call a treasure trove for model designers thinking of planes in this case. I found one for cars before and they were already done to scale. which is handy. just cannot recall that site. they had all the blueprints in a format for Ilustrator not sure if gimp can convert Encapsulated PostScript files to jpg or if they will open in rhino or sketch up.

    this is the site do for you all to have a look at for them planes to think of designing

    I do not know what this software that his on about is or if it is any good. I would stay away from buying something unless i had good reliable sources to tell me it is the thing to get.
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    any one here know how to export from pepakura to coral draw successfully??

    I can open the .dxf in coral no problem but the model has all these extra nodes and no lines are connected - to fix this will take days of tedious welding and node joining??

    or alternatly is there a quick way to mend the vectors? (ive tried quick trace etc...)

    please if you know anything - any tricks, gimme a holla!

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