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Discussion in 'Software' started by fasteddiexx1, Mar 20, 2007.

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    Mean things can always be said with a smile, that doesn't mean it was tactful or diplomatic. :cry:

    How is saying something like this helpful for anyone?
    I expect that we are all mature people here. I would also like to stick to the topic of Google SketchUp.

    I thank you (Maurice) for pointing us to links here on the board discussing these issues, I just wish it wasn't suggested in the manner that it was.
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    I'd ask Maurice to show us his latest design, but then he'd ask to see my finished Sukhoi Su 7, which is never going to be finished, and then I'd look foolish, so I won't do that....

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    I use sketchup for models and dimensions in my train world. Saves allot of time
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    Hey, the waybe program looks neat! kinda like sketchup and pepakura combined. I hope they don't snub us Mac users and only offer the program in PC format. Would like to try the program.

    There is an unfolding plugin for sketchup.

    SketchUp Plugins by Jim

    I've tried this and like it. You control how each panel is unfolded. No tabs tho. And it does have difficulty with cylinders.

    Oh yeah, I'm one of those designers who's doing it the old way. Drawing by hand and figuring out each fold and shape by trail and error. Mostly because pepakura has made it very clear in some rather abrupt responses to my email enquirys that they have absolutely _NO_ interest in supporting a version for the Mac.

    So... I design the old way for now, till I can figure my way around a little better in Sketchup and Blender. Didja know Blender has a built-in unfolder? Neato man. I just haven't figured out how to make it work yet.

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    I have a 3D model. The model has two files one is a 3ds file the other is a dds file(texture file)
    When I import the model its shows me an eror that says: "Could not create texture" How can i import the texture???:confused:wall1
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    Question.......can you download 3 views into sketchup and work them from there, etc.?????
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    Is there a SketchUp Tutorial for beginners ?
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    How can I save a document as a kmz? because the files are saved asa .skp
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    Problem solved :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:
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