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Discussion in 'RC General & Getting Started' started by scottishslayer, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. scottishslayer

    scottishslayer New Member

    I was just wondering if that dodgy red car picture is staying as the rcdrifter logo, cos personally i think it looks a bit shoddy.

    Actually, i think it looks really shit.

    So, any chance of changing??? Please???
  2. Nick S.

    Nick S. Member

    It might be changed. Hard to say.
  3. rcdrifter

    rcdrifter Member

    well scottishslayer we are open to suggestions, we have a designer on board that is at our disposal when we need him....
  4. r2drift2

    r2drift2 New Member

    you know, instead of just a still picture of a car, how about playing a little of jch's vid. on the site. now that will be pretty cool huh. but ofcourse its just an idea/suggestion.
  5. rcdrifter

    rcdrifter Member

    As awesome as that would be we have to take into consideration not everyone is on a broadband connection and video can be quite taxing on a dialup user.

    We do however have an animated flash logo thats in the works, and what we would like to do is soon to start having users submit there painted chassis and each month we incorporate a few into it..sort of a showcase of bodies
  6. r2drift2

    r2drift2 New Member

    that will work to. :mrgreen:
  7. Howielong

    Howielong Member

    Not going to happen. His videos are only going to be posted on evan's forum.
  8. rcdrifter

    rcdrifter Member

    Actually that wont be a problem, the art director at ut of austin is a good friend of the family and he agreed to lend out a couple of his top aids and the schools lab to do some videos and editing.

    So we will have some soon that we will be more than happy to share here and on any other forum to help promote the rc drifting scene on the net at at expos/shows and exibits.

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