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Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by Willja67, Mar 15, 2007.

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    So that affiliate link is actually in place and working now? Why isn't there a link to it on the home page?
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    Continuing this conversation with myself :) I would give that link to everyone in my family and they could use it when they buy from Amazon, too. Doesn't cost them any extra and it only helps
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    that was when Peter took over the site, he will be able to place the banner on the front page.

    the paypal thing is in his hands, he controls the server.

  5. I would love to contribute to this site, but be carefull not to shut off the 'lurkers',thats what i did , before I realy started building threads .
    If you want to raise money, let everybody just volenteer, I'm shure the "hardcore" will join,like me
    Cheers, Billy
  6. smyfe

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    Count me in, this site and all the work that goes into it would be worth every penny (or dime for the members on the other side of the pond).
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    I hope so... When I clicked on it, Amazon let me know a book I've been waiting for had been released. So, hopefully the site owner or whoever got their comission
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    I like all the ideas so far.. count me in with the $5 subscription (monthly/yearly?).

    I like the idea of a private forum and a public one, but would that not make more work for the admins and moderators.

    Anyway, I want to do all I can to keep this forum going. It's the only thing that keeps me sane and also keeps my enthusiasm for this hobby alive.

  9. Rick Thomson

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    Hmmm...deja view all over again.

    I recall something like this happening in the old Compuserve Military Forum, it was split into two areas with one being free for all, and the other costing a buck a month.

    I had no problems coughing up the buck, but some members screamed like the proverbial perforated porker, caused some bad blood as I recall, and a few who were vehemently against it pulled all the files that they had posted to the library.

    Just my €0.02

  10. shoki2000

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    Subscription might be a pretty good idea.
    This could also take care of spammer problem.........
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    Not so sure a subscription is a great idea - I am all for voluntary contributions and would put my money in, but I think we may lose some of the variety and interest that is around here. Making someone feel isolated to avoid spammers doesn't seem to be the spirit of this forum. One comment made recently on this forum was how many pictures of different types of builds are being posted. I would be concerned that the variety may dwindle if a subscription was enforced. Voluntary, yes, compulsarary, no!
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    I agree. We who have a good heart and want to keep this going will glady give of ourselves. How ever, not everyone feels the same way, or in many cases just can't afford or have the option to pay. If this grows to the point that the cost can not be recouped with volentray donations then that would make things different. Best to all.
  13. Amazyah

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    I'm all for a way to make voluntary donations but I don't think any type of segregation of membership is good at all.
    That goes against "community" thinking and I think the community here is the best part of this site and hobby.

    Still waiting on Peter's two cents.
    He's a very busy Dad right now but I know he will chime in soon.

  14. MOS95B

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    I agree with Russell. The idea od "if you pay, you get..." tends to draw unwanted lines with some people.

    While it would help with donations, I've seen it cause problems too many times in other places...
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  16. Elliott

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    I'm in as well. Much prefer the idea of voluntary donations but will donate no matter what...awaiting a decision.

  17. rlwhitt

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    Oh, please, put up a Paypal link to contribute!

  18. MOS95B

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    [FONT=Times New Roman, serif]Dissension among the ranks. Hard feelings. Segregation, as it were.[/FONT]
    [FONT=Times New Roman, serif]Not that what I've seen so far of this group suggests it would happen, though. The fact that the paying modelers, and us free modelers still seem to get along suggests otherwise...[/FONT]
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    Just a small cloud on the horizon of the subscription enthusiasts.

    Currently has a number of downloads in the Parts Bin which we've retrieved from other systems which have vanished or from authors who
    cannot be contacted but have granted access on a "free share" basis. If cardmodels goes to a subscription basis we would either have to contact all the authors of retrieved or free share downloads because our current permission to host would no longer be valid or pull the downloads. The first option would be at best, difficult.


  20. Willja67

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    I don't know that I like the idea of an exclusive section of the website. I frequently run into forums while researching planes that won't allow me in to certain areas and I hit the back button and steer clear of that site and I think there are a lot more like me who won't take the time to even look around if there are places they can't go.

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