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  1. cdirto

    cdirto New Member

    Hi guys,

    I am playing with Pepakura so I can learn to create these great models and I have a question.

    After creating the box, (I am recreating one of my wife's favorite games), exporting as a 3ds file, and importing it into Pepakura, I see the 3d image in color. Great. However, there are a bunch of red edges and according to the settings, these are single edges. I cannot join them to their counterparts no matter how I try.

    Is this normal?

    There is not one "single" edge in the box anywhere that I can find in Sketchup. I have recreated whole sections of the Sketchup model in the hopes of doing away with them, but they keep coming back. And, it is the same edges, over, and over, and over.

    Because of these, it is kinda frustrating getting the 2d to tell me how the parts go together!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  2. legion

    legion Member

    Those red edges are because there are 3 or more edges there. Like one long edge and 2 shorter ones. Pepakura can't connect those, because it has been programmed that way. You can add flaps to those edges though, with the edit flaps tool and right-clicking an edge.

    It is best to avoid creating them when you model the object. But since you are using Sketchup, that maybe the root of your trouble. I believe it divides a long edge (whether a single line or the edge of a face) into two when you connect edges perpendicular to the original edge. Maybe you could try a different 3d program, like Wings3d or Metasequoia?
  3. cdirto

    cdirto New Member

    Thanks Legion.

    I know that the one big culprit line that is giving me most of the grief was doing the extra flap thing the first couple of times i unfolded the box. Now, unless I force a flap there, I get none!

    I did go in and rebuild that line to be a single one and am still getting the red edge. The interesting thing, the edge on the opposite side of the box is identical to this one, obviously reversed, and it is not a "single edge....

    I will check out those other programs and see if that can help clear up these edges, if only to make putting the pieces in order on the printout easier!

  4. legion

    legion Member

    Sketchup isn't really that good for making paper models, in my honest opinion. Can you show some screenshots of the model from sketchup, one with no edge selected and one with the faulty edge selected? It may not close properly, because Sketchup is just that, a 3d sketch program.
  5. cdirto

    cdirto New Member

    Sorry for the late reply, Legion.

    I'm trying Wings3D for fun. We'll see what happens. It may be a bit before you see me back here to post about it.

  6. cdirto

    cdirto New Member

    Hi again,

    Don't ask me how I did it, but after 3 complete rebuilds of the bottom of the box in Sketchup, it came out clean! No single edges! Not a one! Now to go on to complete the upper portion and the interior pieces. This design process is a pita, and at the same time, fun.

    Ahh, the price we pay for our hobbies. :)

  7. cdirto

    cdirto New Member

    Oh, I forgot. I haven't really had a chance to play with Wings3D. I have Sketchup on my work PC, so I can play between software crashes at work!

  8. papekuraviewer

    papekuraviewer New Member

    hi cdirto, i meet same problem with you when i design in sketchup, but i get over it with some other tools, :D
    after i unfold it, i edit with corel, add some flap is missing, so i have flap in singgle edge

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