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    I'll put them in here.

    AHM/ConCor 4 bay PS2 covered hopper with bays removed and troughs installed.
    Top of car is raised 30" to increase load capacity.They are now rated at 100 tons.
    Reason for building cars the GVR just got an exclusive contract to haul chips for the newly reopened paper mill in Plainwell,MI.(there will be at least 6 of these built.

    ATLAS ore cars with roofs made by cutting down the tops of the car (s) pictured above.Reason for building cars the GVR just got anm exclusive contract to haul silica sand for a new glass making plant in southwestern Michigan.There will be at least 16 of these 70 ton cars built.

    Both of the above customers are located on the GVR mainline in Michigan.
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    Neat work!!! They look great!!
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    :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: great Idea John......Rich

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