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Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by modelperry, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. modelperry

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    I am currently working my way through a Maly Modelarz ME109E. I don't think it is very good but I thought it would be a good one to start with. Especially if I completely mess it up. Already the canopy looks terrible. Live and learn.

    Who makes GOOD kits of the 109, a FW190, P51 (B or C), ME262, Zero, Corsair and Spitfire in 1:33?:confused:

    I know this is somewhat a subjective question, I just want to get some ideas.


  2. 46rob

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    The best kits are generally quite complex as well. GPM, Halinski and a couple others produce world class kits--but not for the faint of heart. Later MM kits are sruprisingly good, too.....but as quality goes up--so does complexity. You might benefit by building some simple kits first--the kind that lack internal bulkheads and formers, to get the hang of shaping paper by itself as a prelude to getting into those more difficult models. The techniques used in the FG 'freebies' are all needed when you graduate to the more advanced stuff. Even with bukheads and wing spars, the need to preshape the paper is of paramount imnportance. There really aren't any really good or really bad modelers....the fit betwen the modeler and the model is the key to a good job.
    And--don't worry--even those of us with years' of modeling behind us started out with less than stellar results. The first one I ever built (FG's Cub) still hangs over my desk--warped wings, twisty fuselage, glue slobbers and all, as a reminder of the progress I've made.
  3. Stev0

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    Maly is good to cut your teeth on.

    Perhaps scratchbuilding to 'upgrade' the detail is a test of abilities. People like me tend to tackle hard builds first. Running before learning to walk and only end up a little banged up in the end. :D

    I think Flymodel maybe a good next step in my opinion but then again I have not built my kits yet so ... hard to put a finger on it.
  4. modelperry

    modelperry Member

    Here's the finished model. I still don't like the canopy, but I guess I have to learn somehow.

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  5. Nothing

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    thats pretty good for a first kit! especially for a modelart kit as a first one. they have great kits but can be a liitle complex. good job!
  6. rowiac

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    Good job on the 109! I have yet to build one, but I have built P-51's, a Spitfire and a Corsair.

    The 109 is one of the most common card model subjects out there in many different versions from many different publishers. Maly Modelarz has a newer version than the one you built that has more detail and is probably digitally designed. Here's a very partial list of publishers you could look at for good Bf 109 models in 1/33 or 1/32 scale:

    Bf 109E-4 by Halinski
    Bf 109G-6 by Maly Modelarz
    Bf 109G-2 by Betexa
    Bf 109F-2, G-6 & G-14 from ModelArt
    Bf 109G-8 by Modelik
    Me 109F by Quest
    Me 109G-2 by Orlik

    The P-51, Spitfire and Zero are also very popular in the card model world, so you will have a similar choice for those.

  7. dansls1

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    There are also a BF109B and 2 versions of a BF109D available from Gremir Models.
    You can see the cockpit of the Modelik BF109-G8 if you check the link in my sig. The Orlik BF109-G2 is the same basic model, but the G8 was re-colored (by the original designer) and had armament changed to match the different version.
    I think the general consensus is that Halinski kits are the most detailed, if not overly detailed in some cases. I haven't built much since I got back into the hobby - but I have 3 Halinski kits (spitfire, Mustang III and zero) that I'm working my way up to building. In addition to the companies mentioned thus far, Fly Model and GPM also seem to make nice, fairly detailed 1/33 scale kits based on the build reports I've seen in various forums.
  8. JustForFun

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    I think that looks great for a first model. I have 3 ModelArt models (P-40 and 2 P-51D's) that I've started but haven't finished. I still can't figure out how the airscoop is supposed to go on the mustang, and have the landingear on the P-40 to start. These are the first 'complex' kits I've tried. I ordered the Halinski P-51D from PMI, but I've been to intimidated by the instructions to start it. Does anyone have any tips or hints regarding reading the Polish/English instuction on these kits?
  9. sakrison

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    Canopies are a challenge; there's no getting around it. Your first build looks a lot better than my first build. Keep practicing.

    On your next kit, you might consider photocopying the canopy parts onto card stock and test-building it a few times. When I built GPM's "Blenheim" a couple of years ago, the big greenhouse cockpit worried me. I scanned it and test-built it about 4 or 5 times before I worked out a technique that gave me results I was happy with. It was a good exercise and I had fun doing it.

    No worries,

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  10. exzealot

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    For a first paper model, this 109 looks very good. In fact, if the edges were colored prior to gluing, this model would have looked even better. Not bad at all. I find that some Maly kits are not that easy to build, so you did great!

  11. Romanator

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    Definitely good for someone starting out. It's funny because my very first was a Maly 109 E too! :mrgreen: However, your's is much nicer I have to say. On mine, the canopy would not cooperate at all, and now it's impossible to see through with all that glue!!! The tail is crooked substancially, the wings aren't symmetrical, and I didn't even attempt a gear down position. The spinner is hardly recognizable as a cone. And the plane overall is saturated in glue. :cry:

    Sooo... what did I do to fix this? I took a nail and punched holes, bent the prop, added burn marks, dirt, removed one elvator, added some cotton as smoke, and ta da ! a freshly crash landed me 109 !!!:twisted:

    I think you have great potential as a modeler, keep it up my friend!:thumb:
  12. lriera

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    For a first one I think it is very well done. Keep going and you will be improving quickly.
  13. CANOPY:

    I print the canopy on transparency film for overhead projectors. I copy the canopy section from the file and past it into my editing software. Then I can print just that section. When it is finished use a fine pint sharpie to darken the framework. It makes for a pretty nice canopy when done.

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