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  1. Hey i was wondering if rc simulators are any good. I have this one by greatplanes called realflight G2 and i was wondering how realistic this simulator is. If i spend weeks or months playing with this simulator, will it help me when i get a plane.
  2. SAVAGE123579

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    ummmmmmmmm YEA

    if you have the controler it will definatly improve your flying, i mean you can learn how to fly on those so you don't have to worry about crashing, also great if you don't want to spend the money on an instructor or club fees
  3. do you think electric or nitro powered planes would be better for a novice.
  4. SAVAGE123579

    SAVAGE123579 Member

    personally i would go nitro they are alot more fun and alot eisier to repair than foam from an electric, with wood you can eisily repair foam you just have to buy another part, but nitro can be expensive but alot more fun it depends on how deep your pockets are
  5. what is a good starter plane. I seen the at6 texan, that plane is nice. Do you think i can fly it or will i crash. Because that is the plane i play with all the time on my simulator and i do fine flying it. Or should i go with the trainer planes, or does a flight simulator take the place of a trainer.
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    Hi, an AT6 Texan isn't the best choice for starting out. Most of the Texan models are pretty fast flyers which won't give you much time to find out whats happening if something goes wrong. Also I think Savage is misleading you a bit. A flight sim will definitely help with learning how to move the sticks around but a small screen and the open field are much different. Takeoffs for instance on the flight sim are ridiculously easy. Learning how to steer on a bumpy grass runway takes a bit of practice. Also you will need to learn how to adjust an engine properly or the engine will probably quit shortly after takeoff. If you are really interested then I would conmtact a hobby shop in your area that sells rc airplanes. They can tell you how to contact a nearby rc club. Most clubs have training that is free for the asking so why risk crashing a new plane the first time you take it to the field?? Glow planes are much better trainers than electric. They are generally bigger and have more power which means that they can handle the wind better and they are easier to see which really helps when you are starting out. To give you an idea of costs for a good starter plane complete with engine and radio check out the link below. Have fun, Fast!**&P=7
  7. Thanks, I'll check it out.....
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