Simple type electrification

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by TEP 60, Jan 1, 2006.

  1. TEP 60

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    Are any producers, out of Sommerfeldt, producing simple (tram) type electrification in H0?
  2. green_elite_cab

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    I think so, but i can't remember who makes it.
  3. 60103

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    I believe Bowser has a rather crude trolley system. (I have a few boxes stored somewhere.)
  4. TEP 60

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    Please, give the link.
  5. jetrock

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  6. TEP 60

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    Thanks! I meant just simple (tram) construction catenary.
  7. jetrock

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    Maybe I am not sure what you mean by simple (tram) construction catenary... Catenary overhead is the more complex type, with two wires--one hanging between the poles, another lower wire hanging from support wires. Trolley overhead is the simpler kind, just a simple wire instead of a catenary support system.
  8. TEP 60

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    Trolley overhead is just what I mean.
  9. pgandw

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    Richard Orr makes (or at least used to make) various components for trolley track (girder rail) and overhead. If I remember correctly, some of his products included overhead pan/frog castings and hangers.

    A quick Google search turned up the following article on trolley construction:

    Also, I found out that the Richard Orr line had been sold to Custom Traxx - their web site is at

    Hope this helps

    yours in overhead wiring
  10. TinGoat

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  11. TEP 60

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    Please, explain me, what is the girder rail.
  12. pgandw

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    Girder rail was used by trolley systems to protect the flangeways of track in the streets. It basically had a cup added to the inside of the rail for the wheel flange to ride in. See the links I gave you for more info.
  13. TinGoat

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    Girder Rail

    Hi TEP,

    Like pgandw said, Girder Rail forms a flangeway for the trolley wheels.

    But, Girder Rail isn't always used on tangent (Straight) track. The Flangeways can be formed with cobble stones, concrete, asphalt and other materials.

    The Girder Rails are most important in turnouts and tight curves. It acts as a built-in guard or check rail to hold the wheel flange and keep the trolley from derailing.

    Prototype railroads rarely used a turnout with a lower frog # than 6. And this was for yards and seldom used sidings. For mainline traffic, the frog #'s were much higher.

    For Traction/Trolley lines, the frogs could be #4 and still allow a Trolley to go through them quickly because the Girder Rail helped to keep the wheels on the rails.

    Check out the Proto87 Webpage Video to see what Girder Rail can do!

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