Simple P-40 rubber powered glider kit

Discussion in 'Wood' started by finchhawk, Jul 15, 2014.

  1. zathros

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    The plane will have a very high P-Factor. adding a piece of tape, maybe with a metal wire, like from a bread wrapper, to stiff it up around 15 degrees, to the starboard wing, and adding a trim tab to the Rudder, again, around 30 degrees to the right, looking down, from the top with the nose pointing forward. This is because as the plane rises, the propeller blade going down will be going faster cutting into the wind, than the other blade, is going downward, more in the direction of the oncoming air. This causes the planes to flip over. Some people build this into the elevator. With a pure glider, this is not an issue, it's only when you add a prop. The propeller unwinding also adds torque, which these add-ons will help alleviate. The end result, if done properly, will be a straight, long flight, with the plane slightly yawed, and when the prop stops, the plane will enter a smooth circle back to you. Very nice looking plane. The wheels look nice, but should probably be removed before flight, as they look at bit spindle, and will probably break. If it is a static model, leave it just as it is. That would look great sitting anywhere!! Great Job!! :)

    DAVESTAR Active Member

    Hey great job - and it flies!
    I made mine a few years ago and it ended up being just a display model (way too heavy- even before the paint) :rolleyes:

    These balsa models are very fun - keep up the good work!
  3. zathros

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    I made these things, almost lost a few. I used Monocote, and have a special iron which makes the Monocote shrink very tightly. So much so, the frame had better be strongly built. 200 foot' high flights, with very thing set to fly in a circular patter, in a great field, with extremely tall grass ensured few crashes. Brake fluid sparingly applied to the rubber bands ensured windings unknown to me before, and reduction units on the props regulated output. I would love to see more rubber flying planes on this forum. I made some asymmetrical stick designs that really flew away, and almost did not recover. :)
  4. Bill Nelson

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    I built several when I was a kid, out of the Gludlow's kits the most successful was a Folker Triplane, as it had all kinds of lift.

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