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    I'm looking for some silver paper to build some MiG jets. I have some of the Red River paper on order - and it looks great - but I'd also like to try some paper similar to that used in commercial kits. I've built, for example, the Schreiber-Bogen 747, and its silver parts have a much more subtle cast to them. They look like slightly-metallized paper, rather than actual metal (as the Red River paper seems to show).

    Objectively, this is probably inferior - it looks less like the subject - but I like working with it and like the way it looks.

    Here's a thread showing someone's work in this type of material:

    The only problem is that his paper source is in Germany. I'd think this paper would be easier to track down than the "true" silver paper from Red River, but it's hard to tell exactly what outlets are selling, and more importantly, whether it's inkjet compatible.

    Does anyone know where I can get this type of paper in the US?
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    No luck so far finding the kind of paper I describe above. Anyone have any ideas?

    If you are looking for a deal on the Red River silver paper, I suggest ordering now. Apparently their current stock is slightly off-spec, and they're offering it at half price. According to Red River, "One of its long edges is not "back trimmed". This means the edge is slightly rough." I doubt this would be a problem for modeling purposes.

    I didn't find out about this until after I made an order, so you might have to email them if you don't see a reduced price on the website.

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