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  1. I have just recieved my order for the Red River brand of Silver paper. It is beautiful. It actually looks like real aluminum. A bit pricey but finally the level of realism I was looking for. I highly recommend it to anyone.

    here is the link

    46lb. Silver Metallic - Red River Inkjet Paper
  2. Nothing

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    that is super! have you printed on it yet?
  3. Yes, I just printed Delta-7 Atlas. It prints superbly. Way better than that crap I bought before. It actually looks like shiny aluminum not some greyish metalic look paper like the other. I tried photographing it but could not get an accurate picture. When I take a picture it looks just like the other. I am sure anyone wanting this look would be satisfied with this product. The fact that it prints on Inkjet so well really makes it an advantageous choice. go for it guys. Everytime I look at it I just say "Wow". I was really worried when I ordered it that I might not be satisfied but trust me guys this is the one.
  4. Nothing

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    thanks. this sound like what a lot of us have been looking for.
  5. The Hermit

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    how does it glue?

    are there any problems getting it to stick?

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    i cant use this paper with my printer ink![​IMG]
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    This is good news! This will bring paper models to another level of realism. If people cannot use their particular printer for whatever reason, perhaps Kinkos or similar print shop can print out for them at a reasonable price.


  8. I don't know why it wouldn't print on all printers. I ordered 47 lb and the coating is water soluable. Which makes it a little difficulty to work with. I have discovered that it is rather unforgiving if you get a spot of glue on it. Anything wet will disolve the acoating (not the silver underneath), So, I spray coated it after printing with an acrylic. That allowed me to work freely without worry. I discovered this after two attempts and wasting two sheets. But now I am on my way to finishing the Atlas from Delta 7, It is looking pretty sharp. By the way I also found that very light printed lines can be scored to create the illusion of seams,

    It glues beautifully as the backing is paper. I masked the glue tabs before spraying to prevent any glueing after the acrylic was applied. When finished I will spray a final coat on. But I have to tell you, this is a whole new look.

    If anyone wants a sample (scrap piece) I will mail it to you. I just ask that you mail me a stamp by return mail (I live on disability and at $.42 ea. that could get expensive) But I am happy to help anyone who is interested. It cost me $32.00 including shipping for 50 sheets. I found a printer supplier in San Diego who also sells the paper with the Pantone Silver ink coating. This requires a laser printer but I hear it produces pretty nice results as well.
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    Yes, it looks great, but I found it not easy to get it to print sharp, black outlines. What setting do you use on your printer?
    Sealing with acylic spray varnish is a great idea, I'll try it at once.
  10. I set the printer on Photo, grayscale, Vivid Color and anything else that I think will make it dark. I also set the "paper" to "Matte Photo" Some printers have a selection for Tranparancies. If you have that I would suggest you select that too. Mine came out very black. Are you using the same paper? Becasue I had the same problem with the aper I was using that was a darker grayish metalic silver. I never could get good adherance of the ink. When I used higher settings the ink was not absorbed. On large areas of black it would actually puddle. I did not like the results at all. I don't know where I got it but it was sold as "Ink Jet Silver Paper". This on th eother hand looks just like it has a thin layer of actual foil with an injet water soluable coating.
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    I have a very shiny, almost chrome-like paper from Red River. It seems to me that it will look good as basic material for a paper aircraft model, but maybe it may turn out to be too chrome-like. I haven't used it yet on a model because of its printing problem and of course me not spraying it with acrylic varnish.
    It is called Item # 1300 "Metallic Silver .006" Is that the same that you have?
  12. Yes I ahave the same one. If you use a matte acrylic you will lose that shiny chromlike apearance. I use a semigloss and it is very nice. I'm almos finished. Hopefully it will photograph better than the flat sheets did.
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    Whoa...I just checked what 50 sheets of 8x10 would come to with shipping to Germany. $64.00!!! Think I'll have to pass on this one.
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    Rick, do you have a friend in the US military there in Germany? If so, ask him or her to have it shipped to their APO address. It will cost the same in shipping as if you were shipping it to the US.

    I did this for civilian buddies when I was stationed overseas. This was in the days before terrorist bomb threats, so you may wish to invite your friend to open the package for his peace of mind.
  15. Well here is my Atlas in chrome paper from Delta 7. I added the piping up the right side. I also cut out the tower openings. But what do you think of the paper?

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    Geez, that's great! I may have to get some of that!
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    That's astounding! I'll have to get some!
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    Wow! Beautiful job! I have a box on order myself. Thanks!!!
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    It would help others if you told us what printer and what kind of ink you're using!

    It says explicitly on the Red River page (

    So, if you're using pigment inks, that may be the reason for your problem.

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    yea i assumed if you planning to fork the money over for the paper that people would research the compatibility statements to see if they could use it. my bad.

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