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  1. ive decided to build my own concrte plant as walthers n scale is to costly. any way what would the silos be made out of?
  2. nachoman

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    Some options: pvc pipe, paper towel tubes, or empty adding machine rolls.

  3. should have said concrete steel ect. as in the real world. sorry about the mix up:oops:
  4. nachoman

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    Steel silos seem to be more common for cement.

  5. Mountain Man

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    You can also form them out of sheet styrene, heat-formed (hot water) around a form of suitable diameter, or look for any number of cheap, thin metal cylindrical forms that come from a surprising number of ordinary items and "requisition" the one of your choice.

    **SPECIAL CAUTION! As some of these items are attached to or part of household items, be certain spouse is not watching when "requisition" takes place. Always better to ask forgiveness than permission, Grasshopper. :mrgreen:
  6. how true but i have a little give in that dept as she also gets into the hobby:twisted: and thank you for the advice.
  7. Ralph

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    I made some for my HO cement plant with plumbing couplings (on the left sporting the signs) and contact lens solution bottles (on the right). :)
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  9. bigsteel

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    as said before,just about anything you see as the right length and diameter will work.and if you want some really detailed plans of silos,o to the HABS/HAERS site for engineering drawings.i've used a ton of them for past projects,including my sawmill.--josh
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    I love that frieght car barge. They have a layout in the latest issue of MRR with a ferry parked at a dock getting loaded with freight cars. Such a cool and creative way to introduce all kinds of freight onto your layout. Was it something from a kit or did you scratch build it?

    The Cement Plant looks great too!
  11. Ralph

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    Thanks! The ferry was scratchbuilt with a 1X4 pine board as the base. I don't want to wander the thread to far away from the initial question though. I posted my pic of silos to offer the idea that ordinary cylindrical objects might work but I realize that some one wishing for something more accurate and faithful to the prototype might not find this idea appealing. My modeling style is probably more impressionist than realist. :)


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