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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by kf4jqd, Jun 11, 2001.

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    I was reading "Model Railroader" magazine. Someone wrote to the editor about using your computer to make billboards and signs. They used Microsoft's Word, but Power Point seems to better. That was according to the article.

    Now, my question is. How would they make a Coke Cola billboard or thing like that? Are there signs on the web that I can download and print? I think this would be very cost effective if I could just print the signs and billboard. I can make the rest of the signs.

    Any ideas?

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    I'ts hard to say which is best. However I think MS Paint does just aa good a job. Sizing correctly is a bit difficult though. YOu don't really know how big it is till you print it. It give you shrink/expand benefits that Word or Powerpoint dont give. Plus, if you are using images, in Word or Powerpoint, then you have to get them from somewhere. Try looking through some old magazines and such for small logo's on ads etc. Cut them out and use them.

    I found a sheet of corporate logo decals in the junk box of a supplier in Melbourne. Cost $2. For signs, billboards etc, the magazine cutouts work fine.

    SSSSHHHHH.... Don't tell anybody, but go to the Coca-Cola web page, and copy the logo into MS Paint or something like that. (right click on the logo (or icon etc), copy, then paste into Word, MS Paint or whatever) adjust or add to it whatever you need, print and VOILA! Your own custom designed sign!

    Decals are different. You can get decal "paper" for your computer printer, but your computer printer don't print white!

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    You can go to web pages and do a "SAVE AS" on a logo and create an image you can work with on your desktop.

    You can also go to old magazines and SCAN images to work with, if unlike me, you have a scanner.

    My only problem with this is that it is my understanding that the colour ink used by our printers will not hold up over time. Anyone know anything about that?

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    Hi George,

    You mention that colour ink used by printers will not hold up over time. If you use the recommended inks for the printer and not cheapo ones, they are perfect for signs if printed on glossy Photo paper. I use a proggy called "Freehand 9" for all my art work.
    Here is a drawing from Freehand 9 I did some time ago.
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    Hi Shamus!

    It never occured to me to use glossy photo paper. Do you dullcoat it? I'm glad we brought this up as I'd heard a lot of smoke about these ink holding up over time.

    Nice drawing! Is the fellow in the cab anyone we might know visiting the SP from the UK? [​IMG]

    All The Best,

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    the inkjet ink will hold up a long while IF you seal it really good with dullcote, applyit, then seal it again.(after application)

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