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    Does anybody have any recommendations for Brands of signals? I am looking for signals for my turnouts. Either dwarf, ground, block.....?? They would have to have 1 green and 1 red light. They would also need to be compatable with a DCC system. Thanks.
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    only a suggestion

    Vbrr: A buddy of mine decided the cost of dwarf signals in HO scale was to Pricey. After some research in some old MR magazine he found a great article on scratchbuilding dwarf signals. He now makes signals out of brass with the two lights you described. I have a few of these that have been bench tested with a Rix switch and they work great. Although they look great from the front the signals are a little thick from the side angle. At the price of 5 bucks each you can't beat them. When I was experimenting with the hook up I blew one of the bulbs and he fixed it in about ten minutes.

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    side view

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    another angle


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