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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Relic, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. Relic

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    G'day,Could someone tell me who makes good looking signals/control boxes? I'm not looking for the ones that work,just look realistic,I'm four hours from the nearest hobby shop so I can't go look,so I have to know what to ask for.
    I'm modeling CN,early/mid '60s,Nova Scotia.
    Thanks a bunch
  2. Sirfoldalot

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    Hi there ... You did not say which gauge.
    has HO and N scale.
    Might try there?
  3. chooch.42

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    Wow, been a while - Happy '09 ! Did CN use unusual relay/equipment boxes, or were they pretty much standard? Sounds like a relatively easy scratch project to do one or a dozen (cheaper, too!). But I'm a southerner - maybe one of better CN knowledge could chime in. Bob C.
  4. Relic

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    Sorry 'bout that,HO scale.I looked on the Walthers site but all I could find was the signals with three small lights.The ones I'm looking for have a large back withe a hood over the light{ I can't for the life of me think of the name,although it'll come to me as soon as I hit send}Some places had single lights and others,like at the end of this{by my place}siding had three.
    The control/relay boxes,on the Walthers site,it's hard to tell what they look like because the pics I found looked like a monkey drew them.
    Thanks for the replys
  5. acsoosub

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  6. Relic

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    Searchlight! Thats it,I was thinking bullseye,though that could also be right.Some of those are close to what I,m after.Must be a CNR thing.
    Thanks again

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