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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by belg, Jul 9, 2003.

  1. belg

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    I'm not having any luck with the search tab finding the thread about how to make your own signs can someone help?
  2. Strthoky

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    belg here is the thread I had... It kinda explains a bit...
  3. Strthoky

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    When I sand the back of the paper I lightly pass the sandpaper over the paper... otherwise you will rip or take too much off and your sign will have holes. I sand mine down until the print ink starts showing through the back side but is not totally exposed. I then take a SMALL drop of glue on a tooth pick and coat the back side very thin.. I let the glue set for a minute so it kina gels up a bit...

    then I rub the decal on with the back side of my exacto knife or some other smooth object.

    I use a medium grit sand paper... too fine clogs up... wears out too fast... to coarse and it will rip the back side if you are not careful.

    Oh one more thing... I leave the decal on the sheet of paper while sanding it and I feather the sanded edges out beyond the edge of the sign. this makes it easier to sand small objects. I then cut it out with a very sharp exacto knife.

    tada!!! instant el-cheapo sign
  4. belg

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    Guys this is not really the one I was looking for,it had more to do with the actual art links like gas and pepsi signs.
    Not to say this ones not appreciated.Thanks
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  6. belg

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    That was it Jim thank you.Do you know any other site like that one?

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